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When I came across this recipe that only called for three ingredients and was super easy to make, I just had to try it.  AND with the warm weather, I thought it would make the perfect little treat for little hands!

I can see making a bunch of these when having a family get-together or play date.

Plus, if you buy your ingredients on sale, this is also a very inexpensive treat.

Frozen Pudding Sandwiches
Supplies needed:  mixing bowl, whisk, measuring cup, plastic wrap, freezer

Ingredients:  Large box of Instant Pudding Mix (flavor of your choice), Milk (3 cups for the large box) and Graham Crackers (we used the entire box)

What to do:

Making the pudding and the sandwiches:
  • Make the pudding as directed and put in the refrigerator for 5 minutes so it can set.

Shaba Girl mixing away!
  • Prep graham crackers while you wait for the pudding by breaking them in half along the indented lines to make squares.
Tower of grahams!
  • Cut medium pieces of plastic wrap to wrap your sandwich in.  Make sure your pieces are big enough to wrap around your sandwich.  (Since I had Shaba Girl helping, I cut one piece at a time, as needed.)
  • Use a small spoon to put desired (some sites said generous) amount of pudding onto one graham cracker square.
  • Spread out the pudding so it evenly covers the graham cracker.
Sweet Girl spreading out the pudding.
  • Put another graham cracker square on top of the pudding covered one, creating your pudding sandwich. (Don't worry if a little squishes out.)
Now, it's time to wrap the sandwich:
(I had some awesome pictures of Shaba Girl wrapping the sandwiches, but they have seemed to disappear from my phone.  I think you'll get the idea though.)
  • Set sandwich in the middle of your piece of plastic wrap. 
  • Bring up one side of the plastic wrap and bring it over the sandwich.  
  • Press down gently so it attaches to the other half of plastic wrap.  
  • Repeat with the other side.  (If your plastic wrap is longer than the sandwich, tuck it around the other side.)  
  • Fold over the top of the plastic wrap making sure that it attaches to itself. 
  • Bring up the bottom plastic wrap so that it is snugly pressed against the sandwich and press down lightly to attach it.
  • Your sandwich should be completely covered in plastic wrap to prevent the pudding from spilling out. 
  • Freeze for 2-3 hours.
  • Serve straight out of the freezer.
Now, all we had to do was wait.
I love how easy this recipe is, yet there is something for everyone to do to help.  Shaba Girl and Sweet Girl took turns mixing up the pudding and making the sandwiches.  A couple of the grown-ups helped get the plastic wrap ready.  Several of the grown-ups were dipping graham crackers into the pudding and just eating it that way!

Everyone enjoyed the frozen treat.  Love Bug wasn't too sure how to "attack" it at first, but all of the girls liked it.  I served it in the plastic to Shaba Girl and Sweet Girl, but took Love Bug's out of the wrapper.  Part of the fun (for older children) is unwrapping the plastic wrap to get to your treat!

I liked that the sandwiches were not very messy.  They also seem like a super-special treat, but are low on sugar intake.  I will definitely be making these again and trying out different flavor combinations.


  1. The whole family can help with this recipe!  Get everyone involved!!  
  2. Use this as a learning experience!  Talk about the names of the supplies you are using, the shape of the graham crackers, the color of your ingredients and let children help measure out the ingredients.
  3. If you use the big box of pudding, there will be some left over.  I just spooned this into a dish for later. :)
  4. Eat your pudding sandwhiches within a couple of days of making them.  The graham cracker does get softer the longer it is in the freezer.  Not soft in a bad way, but soft like an ice-cream sandwich.  They were still crunchy the first day.
  5. Some recipes suggested mixing in some peanut butter with the pudding to jazz up the flavor.  Other recipes folded in cool whip into the pudding.  I imagine this would make a "fluffier" sandwich.
  6. Experiment with different pudding and graham cracker flavors.  Maybe you might like vanilla pudding with chocolate graham crackers or butterscotch pudding and honey graham crackers.

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