Norman Rockwell, "Freedom From Want" Saturday Evening Post. March 6, 1943
Maybe your Thanksgiving didn't look quite like the one above, but I hope that you enjoyed time with your family and friends giving thanks for all you do have.  Living here in America, we have so much more than others around the world.  This has not been an easy year for my family for a number of reasons, but we still have a multitude of things/blessings to be thankful for.  God has continually provided for our needs time and time again.  My mom aka "The Master" says that someone else has it worse off than we do.  That really puts things into perspective.  When we are stressing because we can't find a parking spot and we are running late, we should be thankful we have a car.  When we are complaining "there's nothing for dinner" as we look at the food in our pantry, we should be thankful we indeed have food in our pantry.  You get the idea. :)

Switching gears now...I love Norman Rockwell and really enjoy his "Freedom from..." series.  Being the history lover that I am, I was very interested to find out the story behind these paintings and shared the following in the newsletter of a mom's group I used to attend.
How a President's Speech Led to an Artist's Picture
In January 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt concluded his State of the Union speech to Congress by making it clear where the United States stood as we were about to enter World War II.  This part of the speech is known as the Four Freedoms speech.  Roosevelt stated that in the future, "we look forward to a life for everyone in the world based on these freedoms:
  • freedom of speech
  • freedom of every person to worship God in his or her own way
  • freedom from want so that people would feel secure
  • freedom from fear so that no nation would go to war."

The United States entered WWII on December 7, 1941.  Many of our men and women went to war and life on the home front required that everyone make sacrifices.

This is where the artist part comes in.  Norman Rockwell wanted to do something to help with the war effort.  He painted four paintings that give us visual reminders of the four freedoms Roosevelt spoke of. (These four paintings, through the sales of war bonds/posters, raised more than $130 million for the war effort.) Rockwell's painting called "Freedom From Want" was about Thanksgiving.  It is a beautiful painting that depicts the warmth and happiness of a family gathered around the table for Thanksgiving dinner.  Everyone is smiling as Grandma brings in the big turkey for Grandpa to carve.  During the war, food and other items were rationed.  Having such a great dinner in wartime showed that Americans could still have plenty to eat and have a good time.

During this difficult economic time, I am reminded with how much God has given me and my family.  Sadly, there are many families who still don't have the freedoms Roosevelt spoke of some seventy years ago.  This Thanksgiving, be thankful for the little things you have and if you can, give to those who are less fortunate than you.

(Quotes taken from The Mini Page 11/23/2003)

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