I didn't really do anything special to celebrate my birthday on Friday.  Instead I spent the day cleaning and straightening up in preparations for my Pampering Day on Saturday (which ended up having to be re-scheduled).   I actually love to vacuum.  It's instant gratification cleaning!  Sweet Girl and Love Bug were great helpers!

The girls and I went out after lunch to pick up a few items for the weekend.  This was out of the norm because usually the girls go straight to quiet time after lunch.  It was like a little adventure.  I am a "stick to the schedule" kind of gal.  Or perhaps I should say I used to be.  Having children changes all of that.  It's easy to get stuck into "this is how we do things."  Some of our most fun times are when we do things at the spur of the moment.  Love Bug was tired by the time we got back and still took a nap!

After everyone went to bed for the night, I rearranged some in the kitchen.  It's something I've been wanting to do for some time to both make things more functional and to incorporate having some craft supplies in the kitchen.  I guess you could say this is the thing I did for myself today!  

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