Bingo playing a balloon guitar.
The girls and I went to Chick-fil-A for Family Night.  I was surprised how busy the restaurant was!  Bingo the clown was there making balloon creations for the children.  After getting a table, we stood in line so the girls could get a balloon animal.  Sweet Girl chose a blue elephant and we got Love Bug a yellow giraffe.  
Sweet Girl and her balloons.
Love Bug loved making her's walk around and sniff us!
Since it was Family Night, we got one kid's meal free with the order of a meal.  I used a gift card I had gotten for Christmas, so the whole meal was free for me!  I had so much fun just sitting and being with my girls.  They are so well behaved!  It can get crazy there with so many children running around and such, but the girls did a great job.  Sweet Girl even reminds the children that they should be behaving!  I just remind her to set a good example and try not to be bossy. :)

Also, I love how Sweet Girl looks out for Love Bug.  Some children were sort of running up and down the aisle behind Love Bug and Sweet Girl got out of her seat to stand behind Love Bug's high chair to keep the children away!

Love Bug's giraffe popped during dinner, so we stood in line (apparently this clown is pretty popular with the children!) to get her another balloon.  This time, both girls got green turtles.

Then, we traded in one of the books we got in the kid's meal for an ice-cream to share.  I also got a free chocolate chip cookie for my birthday.  (It was "added" to my ChickfilA calendar card.)  We all shared the ice-cream and I ate some of the cookie.  It's so good when it's warm!
The playroom was a bit crazy, so we just headed home.  After checking to see if Sweet Girl's caterpillar was still in the bug catcher (It wasn't.  We didn't put the lid on!) we got ready for bed.

Another special time with my girls.  I love being able to spend so much time with them!  Again, I must say that I am blessed!

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