Wednesday was my actual birthday.  I really wanted to see my parents on my birthday, so after story time (the last "regular" one for the season) at the library, we headed to my parents' house!

First, we all went to the bus stop to surprise Shaba Girl who had early dismissal.  She was so happy to see us all waiting for her!  It was so precious to see Shaba Girl and Sweet Girl walk hand in hand back to the house.

After we got back, we ate lunch (I brought chicken leftovers) and had some down time.  It was nice to just relax and hang out.

Before I knew it, dinner time had rolled around.  My mom ordered dinner online at Outback for curbside pick-up.  (My parents paid for the meal as a birthday present to me and Papa Bear--my husband's new screen name.)  It was hard to wait for Papa Bear to come back with the food.  Everyone was so hungry!  He also got me a frappuccinno from Starbucks.  (Two in one week and I hadn't had one in years!)

The girls had the macaroni and cheese and baked sweet potato.  The adults had coconut shrimp, Bloomin' Onion, cheesy fries and bread.  My mom and I shared a blue cheese chopped salad.  As if that wasn't enough yumminess (is that a real word?) for one night, there was a surprise dessert!

My mom had ordered a large Thunder from Down Under dessert to serve as my cake.  She presented it with one orange (my favorite color!) candle.  Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and I blew out the candle.  Pap-poo use to always sing "and many more" at the end.  Since she passed away, everyone sings that part now.  I missed that this year.

Everyone got a little piece of the Thunder from Down Under.  It's very rich, but oh so good!
No calorie counting that night!
Make a wish!
Next, came presents!  Shaba Girl gave me a beautiful orange seashell from her collection.  My girls gave me a variety of fun presents--some of which I had asked specifically for. :)  Papa Bear gave me a Starbucks gift card.  My parents gave me the most delicious homemade coconut macaroons.

It was a very nice impromptu party and and birthday!

Shaba Girl lovingly presented this shell to me. <3
The girls got me some fun gifts!
Hard to eat just one at a time!
We ended the night with the girls taking a bath.  Sweet Girl really, really wanted to "take a shower at Grandmommy's."  Love Bug was excited about all of the action and once she figured out what was going on, she started to get undressed!  Both girls ended up in the bathtub full of bubbles!  It was kind of emotional for me because that is the same bath tub that my mother and then I took baths in when we were growing up.

Everyone was full, tired and ready to go home by the end of the night!  It was a very special day for me.  I got to spend my birthday with my girls, Papa Bear was able to join us, we got treated to dinner and dessert and I got to see my parents and Shaba Girl.   So thankful.  So blessed.

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