This is a constant work in progress, but I wanted it up so it can be a resource.  The books are listed alphabetically by the author's last name.  These books will include, but are not limited to books about the season of winter, snow, snowmen and winter-type animals.

I'll add to it as I come across books that we've read and liked.

Allen          When the Snow Comes (talks about animals getting ready for winter)
Buehner     Snowmen at Night
Cuyler        The Biggest, Best Snowman
Ehlert         Snowballs

Howell       Zoo Flakes ABC (snowflakes made with animal shapes)
Murphy      Baby Polar
Shertle       What Do You Need to Make a Snowman?

Wilson        Don't Be Afraid, Little Pip
Wilson        Mama, Why?
Wilson        Winter Snow
Winget        Sam the Snowman

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