I thought it would be easier to just include all of the life cycles books on one post so you don't have to hop around from post to post.  These are all books we have read and enjoyed!  If you have a book that you just love, leave me a message and let me know!
Castaldo    The Little Hands Nature Book
Marsico     Step-by-Step Experiments with Life Cycles
Shapiro     Baby Animals:  A Change a Picture Book 
                 (You turn the tab and the picture changes from baby to adult animal--so cool!)
Feltwell        Butterflies and Moths
Legg            From Caterpillar to Butterfly
Lundgren     Butterflies and Moths (beautiful real-life pictures!)

Noonan        The Butterfly
Rosenblatt    Monarch Magic!  Butterfly Activities & Nature Discoveries
Clarke      Amazing Frogs and Toads
Carle                               The Tiny Seed
Dyer                                Potatoes on Rooftops:  Farming in the City
The Magic School Bus    Plants Seeds:  A Book About How Living Things Grow

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