Ever since we watched, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,"  Sweet Girl has been asking about bobbing for apples.  She kept talking about the part where Lucy is bobbing for apples and she comes up with an apple that Snoopy also has in his mouth.  "Dog germs!"  Sweet Girl thought that was so funny!  She asked if we could bob for apples and I thought that was a great idea!

I'm glad I decided to set up in the kitchen because things got a bit wet.  I put a towel on the floor and placed the bin of water on a little table on top of it.  Love Bug helped by literally throwing in the apples!  I had to explain that this was not water play.  :)

I went first to show the girls how to do it.  Sweet Girl took a great picture of me getting my apple!  (see below)  It certainly is not as easy as it looks--especially since there were so few apples in the bin and the apples didn't have stems!

Sweet Girl went next and then Love Bug.  They had so much fun!  After getting their apples, they wanted to try again.  Soon, their arms started going into the bin to "help" the apples into their mouths.

We really enjoyed ourselves.  We were cheering on one another, laughing and we were wet, but it was one of the funniest times the girls and I have had!
Love Bug testing the water!
Sweet Girl got a great action shot! Yay, Mama!
Go, Sweet Girl!
Love Bug didn't mind getting her face wet at all!
Double bobbing with a little help from their hands and arms!

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