On Monday, we celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. with a focus on his dream for equality.  We did several of the activities from my previous post on MLK Jr Day. (See titles that are italicized.)

Sweet Girl and I have been talking the past couple of days about equality and discrimination.  (See Different Friends and Different Presents.) We talked about what things were like when MLK Jr was alive and how, still today, in some countries, girls aren't allowed to do things that boys can do.  I stressed that regardless of how a person looks (skin color, age, physical handicap, etc) or lives (in an apartment, big house, homeless), God has made everyone special and that if someone is special to God, then they should be special to us.  I could tell Sweet Girl really got this concept based on our discussions these past couple of days.

We also talked about how we could Change the World just by the daily choices we make. We read the quote from the My Two Hands project, but due to printer issues will have to do it on Tuesday.

We followed up our discussion with this song from my MLK Jr post.  Sweet Girl wanted to keep singing the song over and over.  It's so cute, I just have to post it again.

sung to:  “Yankee Doodle”
by:  Jean Warren; www.preschoolexpress.com

Once there was a man named King
Who dreamed that everyone
Would not be judged by their looks,
But by the work they’d done.

Martin Luther was his name.
Let’s help his dream come true.
Equality for everyone.
        It’s up to me and you!        

While Love Bug was still napping, Sweet Girl and I did the Different Eggs activity, but with a twist.  We weren't able to get brown chicken eggs at the grocery store, so I used what I had around the house!
Different Plastic Eggs

Supplies Needed:  3 different color plastic eggs that can be filled, M&Ms or some other candy, stickers, paper, marker

What to do:

1.  An adult will have to prepare the eggs ahead of time by:  putting the same number and color of M&Ms inside each egg and decorating the eggs with stickers (if needed to make them more different).

2.  Have a piece of paper ready to write down 
your child's responses during your discussion.   Writing down his/her answers will make your child feel that they are important and you can hang them up for display and/or to review  during your lesson/unit.
3.  Let your child 
look at the eggs. How are they the same?  How are they different"
4.  Let your child 
touch the eggs.  Ask the same questions as in step 2.  Be sure to point out that just like the eggs, people have a lot of things that are the same even though they may not look the same on the outside and that people are the same on the inside.

5.  Next, ask your child if he/she thinks the eggs will be the same or different on the inside.
6.  Let your child choose an egg to open.
Ask why he/she chose that egg over the others.


  Next, open the other two eggs to discover that they all are indeed the same on the inside, just like people.  
8.  Revisit your same/different list to see if your child has anything to add.
9.  Then, everyone can enjoy a little treat!

These are Sweet Girl's and Love Bug's versions of the I Have a Dream craft.  I had some stickers on hand that went well with the project.  We will hang them up with string so we can see both sides.
Sweet Girl's (L) and Love Bug's (R) MLK Jr. crafts.
Sweet Girl drew brown elephants since we were talking about MLK Jr. Love Bug did "free art."
However you spent Martin Luther King Jr Day, I hope you took part of your day to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr and the legacy he left behind.

I'd love to know if you tried out any of the activities/crafts from my MLK Jr Day post!

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