Wow.  There certainly is A LOT going on this month!  I can't forget to post a few ideas to celebrate Presidents' Day.  I have already talked to the girls a little about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and our current president, Barack Obama.  My plan is to do a craft or two for Washington and Lincoln since we just did something on Obama on Inauguration Day.  There should be more than enough here to help you celebrate two of our great presidents!  
George Washington
  • Sweet Girl was very interested in the fact that Washington wore a wig.  Check out this "powdered wig" craft you can easily make at home.
  • Look at portraits of Washington.  Make a portrait of him like this one.
  • Color pictures of Washington.
  • Look at pictures of the Washington Monument.  Color or draw your own picture.
  • Tell the story of the cherry tree.  Here is a short version and a longer version with follow-up questions for older children. 
  • Make your own cherry tree like this one.

Abraham Lincoln
  • Make a stovetop hat.  There are many variations, but this one is pretty simple.
  • Look at portraits of Lincoln.  Create a silhouette place mat or picture of Lincoln.  I found a great resource here with a link to print out a silhouette.
  • Color pictures of Lincoln or do this paper plate craft.
  • Look at pictures of the Lincoln Memorial.  Color or draw your own picture.
  • Talk about how Lincoln lived in a log cabin.  
  • Make your own log cabin.  There are a lot of options with this one like playing with Lincoln logs, using pretzel sticks for an edible log cabin or craft one (or you could just use brown paper strips for the logs.)

General ideas:
  • Look at money and identify the presidents on coins and bills.
  • Sort the coins by quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies.
  • Check out books at the library about our different presidents.
  • Look at pictures of the White House.  Print some out to color or build your own model.
  • Do patriotic crafts.
  • These Presidents' Day marshmallow pops were too cute not to share!
  • Plan a trip to Washington, DC to see the different monuments and the White House.

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