This sign has hung for many a birthdays!
Had a great time celebrating Sweet Girl's birthday (again!) with family.  She had requested a chocolate cake since we had a Funfetti one at home.  I don't know what it is, but my cakes are never as moist as my mother's cakes!  If you haven't tried a milk chocolate cake, you have to.  It was so good!

Sweet Girl received very nice presents.  There were a couple of things in particular that she really wanted.  We had a talk before breakfast about being thankful for our presents even if they might not be what we asked for.  Well, after opening her presents from my brother and sister-in-law (which was something she liked, but hadn't asked for), Sweet Girl says, "I am thankful for what I got."  She was so serious, too.  Precious!

Sweet Girl did get the two presents she really wanted and it was a joy to see her adorable face light up as she opened them.  She was so excited!

We had a great time celebrating and being with family.

Here are just a few pictures from her party.
Super fun elephant wrapping my sis-in-law created.
We even pulled out the Lotto Game I made for the SuperBowl!
Sock monkey slippers!
Engrossed in playing with her new presents with the other toys at Grandmommy's. (Do you see Elmer?)

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