PictureThe winning raffle ticket.
The excitement was building as we drove to George Mason University for the ChickfilA Break the Record Event because WGTS 91.9 was talking about it on the radio.  They were actually at the event and were inviting people to come out.

We were greeted by a huge inflatable cow as we neared the parking lot of GMU.  People of all sizes dressed like cows were making their way into the Field House.  The fun had begun!

As we got closer to the doors, another inflatable cow and several ChickfilA employees greeted us.  When we entered the building, employees checked to see if the girls' costumes had all of the required parts.  Before we officially entered, we headed to the bathrooms on the other side of the building.  We had to pass the costume repair booth on the way.  They actually had entire costumes for people who needed them.

Then, Papa Bear and I put on our costumes and we headed back to the front of the building to officially enter and be counted for the record.  As we entered we were checked again for "proper" costumes and each of us was given a raffle ticket for the numerous prizes being raffled off that morning.  I had missed the box collecting the canned goods for the Washington Food Bank, so the woman at the raffle table took them for us.

So many fun prizes to raffle off!
As we entered onto the floor of the "official" area, we were all given a bottle of water and a piping hot ChickfilA sandwhich.   It was so neat to see ChickfilA operators and employees there that we knew.  We put our sandwiches in a bag for later and just took in the sites.  The girls were also given mini stuffed ChickfilA cows.

There were so many actual ChickfilA cows there it was unbelievable!  The George Mason mascot also made an appearance.  And let me me tell you--those guys can dance.  One cow even did the splits!
The cows had personality!
Mason Mascot getting down.
Dancing cows!
One of the employees from ChickfilA Sudley Manor was DJing the event and he kept the place rocking!  As the music played, we made our way around the room.  Fit for Christ and The Little Gym had tables set-up.  The Little Gym also had a prize wheel and a tumbling area set up for children with mats, hula hoops, a balance beam and such.  The staff were there helping children tumble.  Sweet Girl thought about doing it, but changed her mind.  Love Bug was all about the balance beam.  There was also a booth where you could get the cow's autograph stamped on the back of your raffle card.
Love Bug testing her balance.
Cow autograph.
After that, we just hung out with all of the other cows and danced to the music.  My girls love to dance!  Papa Bear had some good moves, too.  Out of the 400+ people in attendance, Sweet Girl and Love Bug were two of only a handful of black cows that were there.  People were very creative with their costumes.  I saw crocheted cow ears,  a cow-printed dress, t-shirts with felt spots and udders and of course, hundreds and hundreds of decorated hazmat suits!!
Papa Bear busting a MOO-ve!
Our little calves with Papa Bear.
Black and white everywhere you looked.
The cow on stilts was popular.
Walking with my little calves.
Through out the morning, there were raffles for a variety of ChickfilA merchandise.  They told us that if we broke the record, they would raffle off ten prizes for ChickfilA for a year!!

They had us all gather under the American flag for the official announcement.  The operators were called to the front of the crowd.  TV crews were up on the balcony filming and taking photos.  We all had to make sure that we were properly suited up and stay that way for five minutes.  Then, a gentleman from the Guinness Book of World Records made the official announcement.  The suspense was building as he mentioned that a number of people had left (some re-entered) during the event and that one person left during the official five minutes, BUT he announced that we beat Canada's record of 298 people dressed as cows in one place!  We had 470 people gathered there and BROKE THE RECORD!!  Of course, everyone was very excited!  This is the second world record that our family has participated in and broke a record--this year no less!

Since we broke the record, they started calling numbers for the ChickfilA for a year raffle.  Sweet Girl said she had to use the bathroom, but I really wanted to hear the winners.  I mean, if we won, I wanted to be there!  She said she could wait a minute and I listened very carefully as the numbers were called.  To my surprise, they called one of our numbers!!  I screamed so loud and headed up to the front with our winning ticket!!  I was given a ChickfilA box wrapped in a pretty bow full of cards for free ChickfilA sandwiches!  Wow!  What a way to end the morning!!
Udderly filled with excitement!
We all went to the bathroom and Papa Bear and I took off our costumes.  Those hazmat suits are hot!  I think I lost a couple of pounds just walking around in that thing!

As we left, everyone got a coupon for helping break the world record.
Then, we headed outside and had a picnic lunch with our ChickfilA sandwiches under a shady tree.  I called my mom and shared the exciting news.  It was the perfect way to end our exciting, fun-filled morning.

Group shot!  

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