A is for the animals who shared the stable
B is for the Bible with a manger for a cradle
C is for the carols so blithe and gay
D is for December, the twenty-fifth day
E is for the Eve when we're all excited
F is for the fun when the tree is all lighted
G is for the goose which you all know is fat
H is for the holly you stick in your hat
I is for the ivy that clings to the wall
J is for Jesus, the cause of it all
K is for the kindness begot by this feast
L is for the light shining way in the East
M is for mistletoe, all green and white
N is for the noels we sing Christmas night
O is for the oxen, the first to adore Him
P is for the presents wise men laid before Him
Q is for the quiet of this holy place and the quiescent beauty of the baby's face
R is for the reindeer leaping out of sight
S for the stockings that get filled at night
T is for the toys, the tinsel and tree
U is for us--the whole family
V is for visitors bringing us cheer
W is for welcome to the happy new year
XYZ bother me!  All I can say, is, this is the end of my Christmas lay.

Slightly adapted from an Advent booklet from Cherrydale Baptist Church

I wish you all a very blessed Christmas!  
I look forward to sharing more with you next year!

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