Sweet Girl's trio of snowmen
Contact Paper Snowman
idea from http://blogs.familyeducation.com

This was a really fun, simple project.  I did have to do a lot of cutting, but I definitely like the idea of letting the girls "build" the snowman rather than just having it as one big piece as suggested on the idea site.  Love Bug even noticed how the paint wouldn't stick on the contact paper--no matter how many times she painted it!  We embellished the snowmen with permanent markers, crayons and glitter glue.

Supplies needed:  White contact paper, white construction paper, water colors and brush, cup with water, scissors, and salt 

What to do:
  1. Start by drawing an outline of a snowman on your contact paper and cutting it out OR trace circles in three different sizes so your child can "build" his/her own snowman.  This works on those sequencing skills.  Trick:  Trace on the back of the contact paper so you don't have to worry about lines showing up on your snowmen!

2.  Peel off the backing and build the snowman on  
    the construction paper.  Where did those 
    snowmen go?

Sweet Girl and her snowmen.
3.  Use watercolors to paint ALL over the paper.  The 
    contact paper will resist the water color and you will be 
    left with snowmen standing in front of a very colorful 
    background.  Ask your child if he/she notices how it "feels 
    different" to paint on and off of the contact paper.
4.  Add salt to look like little sparkles of snow.  We totally 
    forgot about the salt and ended up using glitter glue.
5.  Let the painting dry.  We left our contact paper on, but 
    you can peel the contact paper off if you want.

Love Bug's pair of snowmen.

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