Last Sunday I had my belated birthday party at my parents.  I had thought about asking my mom if we could make it a double birthday party since Papa Bear's birthday would be coming up in a few days.  I forgot to say anything, but was surprised when I got there and it was obvious mom had the same idea as me!  She is awesome at making people feel special. :)  Just check out the cake she had made!  Notice how we each have our own set of candles?
Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me first and I blew out my candles.  Then, we did the same for Papa Bear.  I missed having Pap-poo there to sing "and many more" but Sweet Girl's little voice singing it was very special.

Next, came the presents.  The funniest part of the party was when Papa Bear was given a Victoria's Secret bag with pink tissue paper from my uncle.  I know his mind was wondering what could be inside.  Turns out it was a Ravens t-shirt!  My uncle sure had everyone fooled--down to the pink tissue paper!  It was a great moment.
My mom also gave me the perfect Mother's Day card.  I couldn't even finish reading it out loud because I was tearing up.  Does the picture on the front look kind of familiar? :)
Then, we had my dad's delicious sloppy joe for lunch.  The girls just love that stuff!  The rest of the afternoon was spent just relaxing and spending time with family.

Later, for dinner, we got Outback (yes, again!) as Papa Bear's birthday dinner.

This birthday party was worth the wait, but was bittersweet.  It is the last family birthday to be celebrated in my grandmother's house.  I have celebrated just about all of my birthdays in that house.  My parents will be moving and the house will be sold this summer.  To say I have a heavy heart would be an understatement, but I am thankful for all of the "happy birthdays" I was able to celebrate there and look forward to celebrating "many more" in my parents' new home.

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