Ceramic bunny painted by Pap-poo.
After doing our thing at our home Easter morning, we headed over to Grandmommy's to celebrate some more.  This year's celebration was not the same because it was our first Easter without Pap-poo.  She passed away last July, so it's been hard celebrating all of the holidays without her.  She had created so many traditions that my mother and father have continued.  

One of those traditions was putting out the ceramic bunny (pictured here) for decoration.  It just wasn't spring/Easter until this little guy was put out.  I was so thankful that my mother brought the bunny out this year.  Even though I know Pap-poo is in heaven, I felt like a little piece of her was watching over our celebration.

Another tradition that Pap-poo began "way back when" was the Bunny Cake.  My mother and Shaba Girl made, designed and created a delicious Bunny Cake this year.  I love the cute expression on his face.  I think the white jelly bean teeth are my favorite.  The tie was milk chocolate icing and the face was vanilla icing.  My mother only had a little left of each, so she mixed the two kinds of frosting together to do the ears.  Very creative, I thought!

Also, most of the family doesn't like coconut on their cake, so my mother left it off this year.  However, there was plenty of coconut to scoop up and add on if someone wanted it!
Bunny Cake tradition continues.
The Master's Tip:  Make the cakes the night before.  This makes it easier to apply the icing the next day on the cut parts which can get "crumby" with a freshly baked cake. 
Bunny Cake plus marshmallow eggs and Resurrection Cookies with chocolates adorned the table.
Shaba Girl did most of the decorating this year.  Everywhere I looked, I would find another bunny, chick, duck or other Easter-y decoration.  It really made the house feel springy and festive.  Shaba Girl's attention to detail amazes me sometimes.

I love these ceramic eggs (pictured below) my mother painted about thirty years ago.  She put them on display in the kitchen window.  (They are in the "glasses" I got my parents for their anniversary!)  

Can't forget the Easter lily (pictured below).  My father bought a lily for my mother.  They usually bought one for Pap-poo at Easter.
Kitchen window decor. Notice the bunny in the shamrocks?
Close-up of boy bunny egg.
Close-up of girl bunny egg.
Easter lily with its beautiful blooms.
I packaged the Easter Story Snack mix for my family in these cute little cardboard chick boxes.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their treat and the story that went along with it.

I had everyone pick a number to see who got to choose something from the Prize Basket first.  I had filled the basket with some traditional Easter candies and other chocolates as well as some fun items like hand sanitizer and an Incredible Hulk washcloth (which Joe chose).  It was fun to have everyone get a prize "just because" and everyone could participate.
Easter Story Snack Mix for the family. Love the cute boxes. (Got them at the Dollar Store.)
The prize basket.
Traditional Egg Hunt

I can't even explain the feeling I got seeing my girls hunt for eggs in the same yard that I hunted for eggs in so many years ago.  My mother filled 113 eggs with dollar bills (the special eggs each child got) and change from her change container.  She even taped all of the eggs closed (a labor of love, I tell you!) so my girls wouldn't pop eggs open in the yard and lose their contents.  (That happened last year with Sweet Girl!) There are a lot more places to hide eggs here than in our yard!

Each girl had a big egg at her starting point and then was free to go wherever they wanted in the yard.  The girls had so much fun looking around in the grass and in bushes and even under bark (yes, the family members who hid the eggs were sneaky!) to collect as many eggs as they could.  Shaba Girl got the most eggs with sixty, Sweet Girl came in second and Love Bug was a close third.  

After counting everyone's eggs--three times--my mother said one egg was missing!  My sister, brother, sis-in-law and mother went looking for it, but it was my sister who found it!  I would've been out there, but they beat me to it!  Who says egg hunts are just for the children?  :)
Sweet Girl found an egg in the forsythia bush.
Shaba Girl was an egg finding machine!
Love Bug picking up an egg she found.
The girls' loot, I mean eggs. :)
We had a very full day of spending time with family and having fun!  In between all of the fun, we did have lunch and of course, Bunny Cake!  The holiday was bittersweet though as this is the last Easter we will celebrate in this house.  Next year, we'll be making more memories at a new house.

The day was full of blessings.  We got to celebrate the risen Lord!  We got a crazy deal on the pizza for lunch.  The rain let up so we were able to have the egg hunt outside.  Daddy was able to join us after work and have a special dinner with everyone.  Time was well spent with family.  Can't ask for more than that.
Pap-poo's daffodils in bloom.

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