Platter for my panel of taste testers.
I'm still working my way through the recipes I shared on A Compilation of Easter Recipes post.  This time, we made Bird's Nests using the marshmallow recipe instead of the chocolate chip one.  Basically, we made Rice Krispie treats and substituted the shredded wheat for the Krispies.

I also added Peeps to make them even more festive.

Sweet Girl helped with breaking up the shredded wheat.....this got a bit messy.  :)  The mixture is pretty warm, so I did the mixing and forming and such with it.  Sweet Girl carefully pushed the eggs into the nests while the mixture was still warm.

Sweet Girl working away on breaking up five cups worth of shredded wheat!
Can you see Love Bug's hand reaching for one?
Free form nests. These tended to be a bit on the bigger size. :)

My panel of taste testers thought the display and the nests themselves were cute, but there were mixed reviews on the tastes of the nests.  This was what they had to say:
  • Can I have another one?
  • I want another egg, please.
  • Seems like there's too much marshmallow, but then they kind of melt in your mouth.
  • A little sticky for my taste.
  • They were good, but it's not like I'll be asking for the recipe. (Gotta love The Master!)
  • They are alright.
  • The nests didn't have a lot of flavor and I didn't care for the taste of the malt egg.

So, the nests got mixed reviews from my panel.  Personally, I love how they looked on the serving dish, but agree that there didn't seem to be much flavor.  My girls really liked them though.  It's funny because Rice Krispies aren't that flavorful on their own, but there's something to be said about eating a freshly made Rice Krispie treat!  

  • While young children can't help with the melting and mixing of the mixture, they'll have a lot of fun breaking up the Shredded Wheat and adding an "egg" to the nest.
  • I really liked the idea of using a muffin tin and wrappers to make the nests.  Doing them free form wasn't difficult, but the wrapper helped to keep people's hands from getting sticky as they ate the nests.  Surprisingly, the nests didn't stick to the muffin wrapper.  It must've been because of the butter! 
  • The malt egg looked nice in the nest, but everybody didn't like them.  Next time, I might try a few jelly beans.
  • If I were to make bird's nests again, I think I would try the recipe with chocolate chips instead.  I thought the chocolate would make them too hard instead of chewy like this recipe.  I guess I'll have to try the other recipe to find out!

Did you try this recipe?  What did you think?

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