I realized I had several boxes of cream cheese that were going to expire the beginning of June and I asked my friends for suggestions of what I could do with it.  I got a lot of yummy ideas, but I thought I would try this one because it was super easy!

It's so easy that it doesn't even seem like cooking!

Sausage Filling

Supplies needed:  frying pan, pancake spatula, slotted spoon and knife

Ingredients:  1 lb roll of sausage (flavor of your choice) and 8 ounce of cream cheese

What to do:

  • Brown sausage.  Break it up while it is cooking by using a pancake spatula.
  • Cut cream cheese into squares.
  • When sausage is done, drain any excess oil.
  • Add cream cheese to sausage.
  • Keep mixture on a low-medium heat and stir until cream cheese has melted and is incorporated.
I thought this was going to be like a dip, but it was more like a filling.  I had served it with foods that could be dipped, but we ended up eating the mixture on crackers.  The sausage I bought seemed quite salty and no one liked that.  Papa Bear didn't care much for the mixture by itself and the girls did eat some of it.

  1. If I were to make this again, I would definitely use it as a filling.  My friend Heather suggested placing one spoonful of the mix on widest part of crescent roll triangle & rolling it up.  Then, follow the baking directions for the crescent rolls & viola! savory sausage stuffed crescent rolls. 
  2. This mixture could be more dip-like if you increase the cream cheese to 16 ounces and add a can of Rotel (tomatoes) as suggested by my friend Cara Leigh.  Use green onions to garnish.
  3. You could change up the flavors of the mixture by using different flavors of sausage and/or cream cheese.
  4. Children can help out by cutting the cream cheese into squares.  If you used this as a filling, children could help fill and roll the crescents.

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