When I first started this blog back in November, I really didn't know what to expect.  I was eager to share my ideas and hoped it would get others excited to do fun, educational activities at home with their children.  Little did I know that I was the one that was going to feel encouraged by one of my followers.  

I've been feeling a little overwhelmed with things as of late:  laundry piling up (at least it was clean and most of it was folded!), the Christmas decorations were still up (though I got the tree out today--yay!), hubby working hard on the house so we can close our refinance loan and the girls were sick.  I know, it could be worse, way worse, but these were the things that were getting to me lately.

I was so encouraged to see the following message on my Facebook wall this weekend:

"Since I liked your page, we have been very inspired. We just started arts & crafts everyday. Thank you! I'm getting the hang of this stay-at-home-mom thing finally:). We finally have somewhat of an agenda here, and it has helped me tremendously." 
- Jen N Shawn

I can't say how much those words mean to me.  THIS is why I'm doing this.  THIS is what I want moms (and dads) who stay home to feel like.  THIS is why I will keep doing this.

I trust that God has everything happen for a reason.  I've been toying with the idea of a blog for some time, but He had the perfect time for me to start it.  I am thankful for the gifts He has given me.  I hope that I may use them to inspire others out there.  I don't do this to get any sort of praise, but I have to admit, it is nice to get words of encouragement!

If you've been thinking about sharing words of encouragement with someone, go ahead and do it!  You just may make his/her day!

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