A Little Background:  When I first posted on my Facebook page about the deal that Specialicious was running for the Pink Bicycle Tea Room, I had no idea that I would be going with the girls and better yet, meeting up with a friend who I haven't seen in probably ten years!  I posted the deal because I thought some of my Facebook friends would be interested.  When Stacy suggested we go, I got very excited!  Stacy and I reconnected through Facebook (it is good for something!) and have been saying that we were going to get together for at least a year now.  Stacy was a parent at the preschool I use to work at and I often watched her children in her home.  I couldn't believe that we were going to finally be meeting up!

Field Trip:  Last Saturday was the day!  I had a little trouble getting there, but once I relied on my GPS on my phone instead of my paper directions, I got back on track.  The Pink Bicycle Tea Room is located in Occoquan, Virginia. I had never been there before.  It's very quaint and on a Saturday afternoon, parking was hard to come by.  Thank God that someone was leaving as I rounded the block.  I took that spot and we walked up the street to the Tea Room.

In the waiting area is a fancy couch and chair as well as a hat rack filled with a variety of hats for the ladies to wear for tea.  Sweet Girl picked out a hat, but Love Bug was not interested.  I tried to wear one, but Love Bug didn't like that since I was holding her.  It makes for more fun if everyone does it! 

Stacy was so excited to see us as I was her!  We had brought her some lilacs from our backyard.  After the hugs, we were taken to our own private room!  Stacy had brought along a friend, Mary, and Mary's granddaughter who is the same age as Sweet Girl.
There were a lot of hats to choose from.
Sweet Girl making her choice. There was even a Viking hat!
The room was very nice.  It was a beautiful day and the windows were open.  The breeze blew the sheer curtains that were tied to the side of the windows.  There is a CD player that played relaxing music. I liked the lovely photographs on the wall.  A tall china cabinet was on the other wall filled with tea settings.  In the corner was a round table with a variety of tea cups and saucers.   
Sweet Girl checking out the cups and saucers.
The beautiful chandelier in our room.
We were seated at a large rectangular table with fancy tea cups and saucers and silverware.  The waitress gave us water and the menus to decide what food we wanted to order and what kind of tea we wanted to drink.  

Specialicious deal was $28 for the Queen's Tea for Two (normally $28/person) which includes:
  • Course 1: Choice of soup or salad
  • Course 2: Fresh baked scones with cream, jam or curd
  • Course 3: Variety of Lady Finger Sandwiches and Savories (including their English classic cucumber sandwiches), and petite desserts and fresh fruit
  • And is, of course, served with unlimited fresh, hot tea!

Mary had the tomato soup and Stacy and I had a wonderful organic greens salad with beets, peppers, corn and bacon bits with a balsamic vinegrette dressing.  The scones were buttermilk scones and were "softer" than the scones I have had before, but very tasty.  We had our scones with cream and raspberry jam.  (We weren't offered the curd.)  The sandwhiches were very tasty as well.  My favorite was the cucumber sandwhich.  The savories included mini quiche, tuna on crackers and I believe it was a crab dip on toast.  The fruit was fresh and flavorful and the desserts were rich and sweet.  Stacy chose the Chili Truffle tea, Mary had iced tea and I went a bit out of my comfort zone and got an Almond Coconut tea that I believe was from Africa.  You get to choose one pot of tea per meal per person, so if you go with friends, don't all order the same kind.  That way Stacy and I got to taste two kinds of hot tea.

Our table. Notice the lilacs?
Fresh, yummy salad.
My tea set.
A close-up of the tea sandwhiches and savories.
Buttermilk scone.
The Queen's Tea service for three.
The dessert plate was on top.
Mary's granddaughter and Sweet Girl got the Princess Tea @ $15 (for children under the age of ten) which includes:
  • Apple & Cheese Plate
  • Fresh baked scone served with Clotted Cream & Jam or Curd
  • 1 Turkey tea sandwich,  2 PB&J with sprinkles tea sandwiches, 2 cucumber sandwiches, a Petite Brownie & Fresh Fruit
  • Served with Lemonade

The girls seemed to enjoy their meal.  I loved how the food was presented.  Sweet Girl shared her apple and cheese plate with Love Bug.  She seemed to like the scone toppings more than the scone itself.  The PB&J didn't have sprinkles, but besides that, everything was perfect.  Sweet Girl was so looking forward to having a cucumber sandwhich!  I'll have to make some at home.  The lemonade was served in a tea pot and the girls got to drink out of "grown-up" tea cups.

I ordered the Lady Bug Tea @ $9 for Love Bug.  It includes:
  • One scone
  • One English Cucumber Sandwich, one PB&J Tea Sandwich, one brownie & fruit
  • Served with Lemonade

Love Bug seemed to enjoy her scone.  She also enjoyed her tea sandwhiches and really loved her fruit.  She was shy with all of the new faces and it took her a while to warm up.  Once her scone came, she was ready to sit in her own chair!  I assume they don't have boosters or high chairs because we weren't offered either.  I didn't ask because Love Bug was so clingy when we first got there.
How cute is this presentation?
Love Bug checking out her tea sandwhiches.
It was so nice having our own room because the older girls could walk around between courses.  Mary's granddaughter had some toys that she shared with Sweet Girl.  With all of the excitement, it was hard to keep Sweet Girl in her seat.  There was so much to see in our room and new friends, too!

I enjoyed the time catching up with Stacy and getting to meet Mary.  The food was good and presented in such a fancy way.  Every part of the meal felt special.  I loved that the lemonade was brought in a tea pot.  Their attention to detail did not go unnoticed.  

Of course, I have to mention the bathroom.  Thankfully, it was right across from our private tea room because the big girls drank a lot of lemonade.  Who wouldn't want to drink from "real" tea cups?!  The bathroom decor was fun and it was very clean.  There was not a changing table, but I didn't really expect there to be.

I was waiting for my portion of the check (I had already paid for the Specialicious deal and told Stacy I would treat her, but she said I didn't have to do that) and Stacy told me that she paid for us!  She was so thankful that we had finally gotten together after all of these years.  Stacy had several kind words for me that truly meant a lot.  She had even brought a present for me (lotion and soap) and some books for the girls that her children had outgrown.  Stacy and I both believe that God brought us together through Facebook for a reason and we are both very thankful for it.  

Stacy, Mary and Mary's granddaughter had to go, but we stayed a while longer and explored the little garden outside of the Tea Room.  The weather was perfect.  Sweet Girl and Love Bug had fun checking out the bird bath and the pink bicycle!  Then, we headed back to our car.  The girls enjoyed looking at their new books on the way home.
The girls checking out the cute bird bath in the garden.
This field trip took me out of my comfort zone on many levels.  I had never been to Occoquan before nor had I been to the Pink Bicycle Tea Room before.  I tried things I had never tried before and I got to meet some new people in the process.

All in all, we had a great time.  The Pink Bicycle Tea Room is a wonderful place.  It's quaint and fancy at the same time.  The staff was friendly and attentive.  Being there during our tea time was very relaxing and enjoyable.  Of course, having Stacy there made it that much better!!  I would definitely go back in the future.  It is a bit pricey for us to go all of the time, but as a special field trip, it's worth it.  Sweet Girl already knows which hat she wants to wear next time we go!

Specilicious is currently running the same special I bought for The Pink Bicycle Tea Room. Click 
here to view the deal.
Pink bicycle in the garden.


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