Despite the rainy weather last weekend, the girls and I headed to Chantilly Regional Library for their free Touch-a-Truck event.  The majority of their vehicles were community service vehicles such as "old school" and new police cars, paddy wagons, a fire engine and an ambulance.  Other vehicles included a flat bed tow truck, bomb squad truck, snow plow truck, recycling truck and a commuter bus.  Families were allowed to get in most of the vehicles and check out tools that our community workers use.  There was a lot of horn blowing from one of the trucks!
Sweet Girl in the snow plow truck. After this, she didn't want to get in any more trucks. "Too high" she would say.
Love Bug on the bus. She liked walking around in there. This was a favorite for both girls!
Also in attendance was Fairfax Animal Shelter with a duckling, rabbit and two guinea pigs for everyone to see.  There was also a bloodhound named Ladybird and a bomb squad dog named Spicy for the children to pet.  We got to ask the officers questions about how the dog's help them and what kind of training the dogs had.  The officers were very informative and friendly.  Did you know that bloodhounds and their trainer go through a 13 or 14 week (can't remember) training school?  The officer joked that the first four weeks is for the dog and the remainder is for the human.  Also, did you know that bomb squad dogs are retired at nine years old?  They start training them when they are just young pups, but they want them to have some time to "just be a dog."
The duck showing off in his water.
Sweet Girl and Ladybird.
A firefighter gave children (and some adults) a ride on "Thomas the Train" around the parking lot.  I was surprised that the rides were free!  The girls really enjoyed their ride.  I walked along their car, but they didn't seem to notice.  They were too busy holding on and taking in the view.
He was a pretty good rendition of Thomas.  The girls rode in Clarabel.
There was a balloon artist that created some spectacular things just by twisting balloons.  The line there was very long and by the time we got there, the line had been closed.  Still, it was fun to see everyone walking around with their creations that included (to name a few) Spiderman, an octopus, pacifiers and swords.

They had face painting inside the library as well as live music.  We got to see Mr. Skip perform for the first time.  The girls seemed to enjoy him, but were distracted when Papa Bear surprised us.  He had been away on an overnight business trip and met up with us at the event.  The girls were so excited!!
Mr. Skip being silly.
Afterwards, we went to Boston Market for dinner.  It was nice to spend the time together as a family.  When we came home, I surprised Papa Bear with an early birthday present of his favorite cornflake/marshmallow treat.

An adventurous day that ended with family time.  Can't get better than that!

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