My girls have grown more and more fond of the VeggieTales over the past year.  Sweet Girl likes all of the characters, but especially loves Larry Boy.  Love Bug likes Bob the Tomato.  We listen to VeggieTales music ALL of the time at home and have also seen several of their videos.  So, when I found out that Bob, Larry and the gang were coming to our area, I just had to take the girls to see them!

The show was last Saturday at Hylton Memorial Chapel in Woodbridge, Virginia.  I didn't need a ticket for Love Bug since she's only two years old.  We didn't get to choose our seats, but rather what level of ticket we wanted to buy.  You could request if you wanted middle, aisle, etc.  I was happy with the tickets we received.

As we arrived, it looked like the Great Migration as families stood in a very long line waiting to get into the building.  A quick trip to the bathroom and we were ready for the show!  The show actually started a little late because they were waiting on everyone to get in.

The girls were filled with excitement as we waited for the Veggies to take the stage.  When the show started, Sweet Girl became very shy and didn't even look at the stage.  I thought, "Oh no!  What if she stays that way?"  I didn't want her to miss out!  Well, it didn't take long for her to stand up and watch the show.  Love Bug was glued to the stage right from the beginning.  She had a great seat on Daddy's shoulders.

It was such a joy to see the girls enjoy themselves so much!  Sweet Girl danced to every song and even tried to tell Larry that there were "pizzas" behind him during the "Pizza Angel" song.  She asked me why he wasn't listening to her and suggested that I try to tell him.  Too cute!

Love Bug (on Daddy's shoulders remember) was swinging her arms, kicking her legs and even used Daddy's head as a drum a couple of times.  Daddy had his hands full keeping a hold on her!

The show consisted of two half hour acts. The first act was action-packed and a lot of fun!  The premise of the show is that a surprise birthday party is being planned for Bob and Larry and things aren't going quite as planned.  Bob and Larry have no idea and think they are just putting on an otherwise normal show. 
There was a twenty minute intermission between the two acts.  There was not enough time to go to the bathroom and visit the tables in the lobby due to the amount of people there.  Plus, there weren't a lot of restrooms available.  As a result, we did miss one song.

I had promised that Sweet Girl could get a Larry Boy hat if the price wasn't too high.  (I had already priced them online.)  She was so excited when we saw how much the hat cost and that I said she could get one.  We got a Bob hat for Love Bug.  They looked so cute with their hats on!

Merchandise Table
Sweet Girl aka Larry Boy
The second act was just as engaging as the first.  There was a bit of excitement when one of Bob's pupils was MIA when he came out.  The stage crew quickly became aware of the situation and Bob sang and danced backward while someone worked on his eye.  He soon turned around and continued with the show.  Bob and Larry were surprised by the birthday party and were thankful to get to spend it with everyone who came.

Some of the songs we heard included:
    • VeggieTales Theme Song
    • Water Buffalo
    • Belly Button Song
    • Pizza Angel
    • Happy Tooth Day 
    • God is Bigger Than the Boogeyman
    • Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything
    • Hairbrush Song
    • I Can Be Your Friend
    • Song of the Cebu
    • His Cheeseburger
    • I Love My Lips
    • Is it a Monkey or an Ape?
Our entire family really had a lot of fun.  I was singing along to every song!  It was amazing to me how the characters moved and how animated they were.  Their mouths would open and shut as they sang and their eyes moved.  It was like they were real.  Sweet Girl has informed our family several times that they aren't real Veggies, but people inside. 

I was very thankful that we took the girls.  To see their little faces light up as their favorite songs played was my favorite part.  I was glad that I didn't pay the extra money for the meet and greet with Bob and Larry because the ones the families got to meet were not the ones on the stage.  This Bob and Larry had ARMS and LEGS!  I couldn't believe it!  When we peeked in with the girls, Sweet Girl asked why there was a pretend Bob and Larry in the room.  (Even though she knows the "real" ones are people dressed up.)  I would have been really disappointed as would the girls if we had planned to meet them.

I would definitely recommend going to see a show if the VeggieTales come to your area.  One (very keen) observation Sweet Girl made is that none of the girl veggies came out and sang.  I didn't even think about it at first.  No Laura the Carrot or Sweet Pea.  With so many young girl fans, you would think these characters would be present.  Besides that, I would go to a show again.  It was affordable (especially since Love Bug didn't need a ticket), the venue was nice (despite lack of bathrooms) and the show was awesome!

Bob getting his eye worked on.....
Happy Birthday Bob and Larry!
Bob left "Is it a Monkey or an Ape?" with a tail on!
....and all fixed!
Everyone helped "blow out" the candles.
The Chapel as we left. It was a beautiful day!

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