Picture"Pap-poo's Flags" from last year.
This year, we spent the entire Fourth of July at home, which is out of the norm for us.  We read a book about why we celebrate the Fourth of July or Independence Day at bedtime the night before.  My plan was to fill the day with red, white and blue food, patriotic music and outside fun.

We started off the day with a red, white and blue breakfast appetizer while listening to patriotic music.  I saved these cute Mickey Mouse snack trays we got from Walmart so I could reuse them.  They made the perfect dish for our appetizer!

Yogurt covered raisins, blueberries and strawberries.
Before lunch, the girls got on their swimsuits and we headed outside for some water and sand play.  I filled up a bunch of water balloons with the hose while the girls played in the sprinkler, water table and sand box.  Of course, they were very interested in what I was doing, but they waited patiently to play with the balloons.  It took much longer to fill up the balloons than it did to pop them all!

The girls had so much fun playing in the water and sand.  They enjoyed watching me run through the sprinkler, too!  We all had a popsicle before heading in to dry off and change.

Hooray for the red, white and blue!
We had picked up a special treat at the store for this special day--ice-cream cupcakes!  The girls shared one and I ate one after lunch.  They were pretty tasty! 
Why yes, that is ChickfilA sauce and ketchup on Love Bug's plate. :)
Sweet Girl really wanted to eat dinner outside, but I knew our dinner would be much easier for the girls to eat if we were at a table.  So, Papa Bear took the girls' little table outside and we used that as our dinner table.  Papa Bear and the girls played outside while I gathered everything to take outside for dinner.
After dinner, I brought out a tray with everything we needed to make our own red, white and blue dessert!  The girls loved piling on the Cool Whip, blueberries and strawberries on top of their pound cake.  It is so true that children love to eat what they create!  Sweet Girl actually made a dessert sandwich out of the ingredients.  
The red, white and blue ingredients.
Sweet Girl carefully spreading the Cool Whip.
Love Bug adding some blueberries.
Sweet Girl trying out her creation.
We ended up watching a short video as we waited for it to get darker outside.  The girls were very excited about the change of pace.  When they heard we were going back outside, they couldn't wait!

Papa Bear had bought some "snakes" and sparklers and we put on a little show for the girls.  We also got a glimpse of some fireworks in our neighbor's yard.
Sweet Girl said Babar really wanted to see fireworks and set him up at a safe distance.
Watching Papa Bear light snakes. Sweet Girl kept a hold of Love Bug so she wouldn't get too close.
As the girls were getting ready for bed, Papa Bear said he could see "big fireworks" from our front porch.  So, we stood on the front porch and got to hear and see some of the "big show" light up the sky.  It was the perfect way to end a very special day.

We came inside and read Happy Birthday America!, tucked the girls in and before I knew it, they were asleep!

Another blessed day with my family!
******************************************************************************************************In lieu of having our traditional flag cake on the Fourth of July, I made this cake and took it to Grandmommy's when we visited the next day.   Everyone loved it!

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