The girls were excited to do a craft using toilet paper rolls.  We save them all the time just in case we need them for a project.  When Sweet Girl found out what we were making, she said, "A craft we can play with!  Not just a craft that is for decoration, but a craft we can play with!"  I love when the girls get excited about a craft.

Sweet Girl drew a hat and a blue beard and mustache on her ground hog because it is a boy. I just love her imagination!  I ended up laminating Love Bug's ground hog with packing tape to make it more sturdy.

The girls played with their ground hogs up until dinner time and then again after dinner....until I got the tunnel out. 

source: www.gailgibbons.com
We had been talking about ground hogs through out the day primarily using Gibbons' Groundhog Day! book. There are a lot of great illustrations in this book.  The book is geared towards older children, but I just paraphrase it for my girls. After dinner, we looked at the pages that showed the inside of a ground hog burrow.  Sweet Girl was excited to create her own burrow for her and Love Bug to play in.

I love how Sweet Girl kept singing the song we learned today.  She was excited to share it with Daddy.

Love Bug in the tunnel.
The tunnel was especially fun because we had not gotten it out in a long time.  The girls really enjoyed climbing through and hanging out in the tunnel.  We even covered the ends with blankets to make it more cozy.

At one end, Sweet Girl had a bunch of blankets set up to resemble the sleeping chamber.  At the other end, she had brought play food out to put in the food storage chamber.

There were several times that both girls would be in the tunnel together just laughing.  I love just watching them play!  What a blessing it is.

Sweet Girl in the "food chamber" of the burrow.

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