We bought some fun hatching duck "eggs" at the Dollar Store this year.  Sweet Girl remembers Shaba Girl having one and really wanted one for herself.  So, I got one for her and Love Bug to do around Easter.  

All you do is put the "egg" in a jar of water and wait.  The girls were very excited when their eggs got their first cracks and checked on their eggs frequently throughout the day.

Of course, we used it as a learning experience to talk about how ducklings and chicks really hatch and how they grow in their shell.  We also talked about how you can't help a duckling or chick out of its shell like they could help their pretend duck out of its shell.

I have had the privilege of hatching chick eggs twice in the classroom.  It is the most amazing thing to watch a chick push itself out of its shell.  I am just amazed at how God makes things happen the way they do.  I'm glad the girls got to experience a similar experience with these eggs, though not like the real thing, it was so fun to watch the anticipation in their eyes and excitement on their faces!

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