By: Sweet Girl
By: Love Bug
The "cherry tree story" was mentioned on one of the pages in The Story about George Washington book we read.  I talked to the girls about it a bit more and we made our own cherry trees. (This could easily be an apple tree for a different unit.)

Cherry Trees

Supplies needed:  Brown construction paper or brown paper lunch bag, crayon, scissors, construction paper, glue stick, green paint, a lid or plate (to put the paint in), cotton balls, red paint or red bingo/paint dabber

What to do:
  1. Cut the bottom off of a brown paper lunch bag and cut it open so it lies flat.
  2. Draw a tree trunk and cut it out.
  3. Draw and cut out branches to attach to the tree trunk.
  4. Glue the trunk and branches onto a piece of construction paper.
  5. Put some green paint on a lid.
  6. Dip a cotton ball into the paint and dab onto the tree to make leaves.  You could also paint grass around the bottom of the tree.  **The paint shouldn't be too thick, so it should dry quickly, but you may have to allow for it to dry before the next step.
  7. Use the red paint dabber to put cherries on your tree.
  8. Hang up next to your George Washington portrait!
Sweet Girl dabbing on some leaves.
Love Bug tried a little finger painting.
This is how Sweet Girl carried her book to quiet time.

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