Today we learned more about George Washington.  The book we read, The Story of George Washington, is a very simple way to help your child learn about Washington.  I also brought attention to how people dressed during that time.  Sweet Girl now wants us to take a field trip to Mount Vernon.

The girls had fun making a portrait of Washington with his white wig and puffy shirt.  I had mentioned that I had read in the instructions to draw a "big" nose.  Check out Sweet Girl's interpretation of Washington below. :)

I also pulled out a patriotic/president theme box I made when I was doing my teaching internship.  Some of the things we looked at included postcards with pictures of the White House and the Washington Monument, photographs of a field trip I took with my class to the Washington Monument and a book about learning which presidents are on what coins.  The girls really enjoyed looking at the different pictures and exploring the other items in the special box.

Then, we used paint dabbers to do some pictures.  Sweet Girl used them to stamp the letters "G" and "W" while Love Bug did shapes.  

We also sang this cute song:
Honest George
Mailbox Magazine
sung to "Yankee Doodle"

George Washington was the first
President of our land.
He fought to keep us safe.
He was a very brave man.
We honor him today
By waving flags up high.
He was an honest man.
He could not tell a lie.
Sweet Girl adding some "hair" to GW.
Sweet Girl's Washington has a lot of hair and a BIG nose.
Sweet Girl practicing "G" and "W" with the paint dabbers.
Love Bug wanted the book right after she finished her craft.
Love Bug liked working with the cotton balls.
Love Bug stamped on some shapes I drew. I did the triangle as an example.
Did you do anything to celebrate Presidents' Day?  I'd love to hear about!  We'll be talking about Abraham Lincoln tomorrow!

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