Welcome!  I am so excited to finally have this website live! You can also follow me on Facebook and maybe I'll even get on the Twitter bandwagon. It's been a long road, but here I am.  I am thankful for my family for their love and support and Michelle Rogers Pritzl for my perfect logo.  The plan is to share our adventures at least couple of times a week.  Here are some other things you can expect to see:   

  • Crafts/cooking:  All kinds of creations we do at home or while at a special event.  I did a guest post about fall crafts on SuperNovaMommy.com if you still need some fall ideas.
  • Field Trips:   Places not so close to home we venture out to. 
  • Out and About:  Local outings we go on.  Check out my guest post about our trip to Sweet Frog (a frozen yogurt restaurant) I wrote for PwcMoms.com.
  • Wordless Wednesdays: I'll share a photo that was special to me that week.

We had a busy summer just enjoying life!  When you are a stay-at-home mama, there isn't such a thing as summer break or any kind of break for that matter--but this mama is not complaining!  Instead, it's a new season filled with many opportunities to enjoy life and the blessings it has to offer.  And we did just that.  Our summer was filled with zoo trips, gardening, library events galore, fireworks, pool (at Grandmommy's), birthdays, Chick-fil-A family nights/events, trains, water table fun (I splurged and bought one this year!), baking and cooking at home and at a local cooking school, history events and a trip to Pennsylvania.  

Sadly, we also said good-bye to my precious grandmother, Pap-poo. I don't like to say that she died because she didn't.  Her earthly body may be gone, but since she had accepted Christ as her Savior, her spirit is alive and healthy in Heaven.  She played a big role in my life and I miss her dearly.

As we say so long to summer, we get to say hello to fall!  I used to joke that I got two New Year's every year because when I was a teacher it always felt like a new year was starting with the start of school.  So far our fall activities have included picnics, another zoo trip, story time and music at the library, farm visits, apple picking, visiting a "pumpkin patch," leaf raking and jumping, more baking and cooking, giving to those in need and painting and crafts at home.  Every season has wonderful things it brings and my winter calendar is already filling up!

I look forward to sharing our adventures with you!  Let me know if you would like to see a post on specific craft ideas, educational topic or any "mommy topic" you may have.  I'll do my best to help where I can.

Now, let's get this thing rolling!

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