Originally, Mother's Day was supposed to be my birthday celebration at my parents' house.  Since Love Bug had a fever, we had decided the night before that we would just be staying home.  I was sad not to get to see my mom on Mother's Day, especially since it was her first one without her mother, my Pap-poo.  Sometimes (okay, a lot of times!) being a mama is not easy, but the children's needs come first.

The day started off a bit hectic.  Love Bug still had a fever and we had slept in.  I was going to  make cinnamon buns or something special for breakfast, but we all had our favorite cold cereals instead.  Best part was I was with my girls and Papa Bear was home!

Papa  Bear did Legos with the girls while I took an uninterrupted shower.  (Many of you know what a treat that is with two little ones!)  They kept busy building me a tower using ALL of the Lego pieces.  They couldn't wait for me to come out and see their creation!

Sweet Girl and Papa Bear worked on the "All About Mom" worksheet while I spent some time with Love Bug.  The last line is pretty funny:  "My mom is special because she is going to play golf and wear her special helmet."  Not sure where she got this from except the mom she colored in to the right of that sentence was playing golf.  Papa Bear tried to ask Sweet Girl if she had another answer and she stuck with that one!  The little picture at the top is Sweet Girl and me snuggling in bed. <3

By: Sweet Girl
Later in the day, we all went outside for some fresh air.  I love watching the girls run around the yard!

After dinner (which was leftover hot dogs and such from the night before) we had an ice-cream sundae bar.  I fixed everyone a "bowl" of vanilla ice-cream.  Everyone came out in the kitchen and got to put their own toppings on to create their own sundaes.  The girls were so proud of their yummy creations!  We all sat at the dining room table and enjoyed our special treat.
Toffee bits, coconut, cherries, mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, Cool Whip and hot fudge!
Before bed, the girls each gave me a Mother's Day card.  The looks on their faces were so precious as I read each card aloud and "oooed" and "aahhed" at the pictures they drew on them.

There is no other job in the world as important as a mother.  It is THE BEST job I have ever had and it is also the hardest.  I am so thankful every single day that God has blessed me with my precious girls.  They keep me grounded, flexible, help me work on my patience and allow me to love in a way I couldn't have ever imagined!

Enjoying the beautiful weather with my girls.

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