As some of you may recall, Papa Bear was laid off the end of April of this year.  (See my post about that here.)  We trusted that God had a plan for us even though we didn't know what it was going to be.  In the interim, Papa Bear started freelancing and was doing work here and there.  In his "free" time, Papa Bear was busy sending out resumes and applying to jobs.

It has been a long summer waiting and hoping to hear back from employers and not getting any calls.  Still, we were sure that God's timing was perfect and that He would provide employment for Papa Bear.

Then, at the end of August, I fell at a local water park and broke my leg.  Since Papa Bear was freelancing and thus making his own schedule, he was able to be home practically 24-7 for the month of September to take care of us girls.  We were also blessed with help from my brother and sister-in-law and several meals from families at church during this time.

Papa Bear took on the role of "mama" since I was pretty much confined to the couch for a month.  It was not an easy task for him.  As my mother put it, he stepped up to the plate and even though he might not have hit homeruns, Papa Bear hit every ball thrown to him. I am so proud of how he took care of us.  He was exhausted at the end of the day, but as Sweet Girl told him, he did an "awesome" job.

Then, a week or so ago, Papa Bear was offered a position in his field!  He accepted the position and starts today.  This will be a big change for everyone.  For Papa Bear, he will have to wear a suit to work (my handsome guy!) and start commuting again.  For me, I get my "job" back full time.  For the girls, they will miss having their Papa Bear home.   We have really enjoyed having Papa Bear around and home for dinner and bath time.

God's timing is perfect and it was pretty clear to us that He wanted Papa Bear to accept this job.  In the midst of the long hours Papa Bear will be working during the busy season, we will be thankful for the time we were blessed with this summer as a family and be thankful that Papa Bear has a job that will provide for our family.

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Gina Marker
10/2/2013 21:26:03

You are truly blessed and loved !! Great job Aaron!

The Master's Daughter
10/18/2013 15:16:09

Most definitely, Gina!


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