Notice the three straws? :)
I almost forgot the free Slurpee I promised the girls we would get after we left Giant because I was tired and hungry.  We were in the grocery store longer than I planned (isn't that the way it goes?!) but the girls were very well behaved.  It just took me longer than I thought to get everything on the list.

Of course, I had to deliver on  my promise, so we headed to 7-11 on the way home.  Easy in, easy out.  Right?  Wrong.

We pull into a parking spot and I get my phone out to call up the coupon that was texted to me this morning.  I wasn't getting great reception, so we sat in the car for a couple of minutes waiting (and honestly hoping!) for a connection.  I finally got a connection and we unloaded into the store.  We had to take a pit stop and then we headed to the Slurpee machine.  Sweet Girl was excited that they had "our" flavor.  I filled up the medium Slurpee cup with Pina Colada Slurpee, picked out three special colored straws and headed to the register.  

At the register, Sweet Girl picked up some jelly beans and said let's get these.  I said no and the cashier put out his hand, took them and rung them up.  I repeated that no, we weren't getting them.  He just stood there for a second.  I swear he wasn't paying attention to anything I said to him.  

Then, I told the cashier about my coupon and showed him my phone.  (I wasn't sure if I was on the right screen or had to click it again.)  He told me I needed a paper coupon.  I explained to him that I had to text to get the coupon texted to me and how it said to show to the cashier.  Also, once clicked on, the coupon was only good for 15 minutes.  Again, the cashier insisted on a paper coupon and then called out the manager.  She knew about the coupon and said I just had to show her the coupon with the barcode on my phone.

Well, by now my phone was not on the correct screen, phone service inside the 7-11 was awful and then my phone died as we tried outside of the store to get connection.  I was so frustrated that I felt like leaving.  When I said I guess we'll just go, poor Sweet Girl looked like "but what about the Slurpee?"  I really wanted to leave.  The entire situation made me really frustrated, but I wouldn't go back on a promise to my girls.  It wasn't their fault the cashier was being difficult or that I wasn't getting good reception or that my phone died--plus, a promise is a promise!

We walked to the car, I grabbed a $5 bill and went back into the store.  I fixed a new Slurpee because the other one had melted down so much during the "drama."  I took it up to the register to the same (the only) cashier.  I told him that I did not want the one still sitting there and had fixed a fresh one instead.  He said, okay, you want two Slurpees?  I was just about to let out an "UGHHHH!" at this point.  I told him no, I want just the one.  He asks you just want one?  And then said, so this one is trash now.  I swear it was like something from a Seinfeld episode!

Thankful to finally have our Slurpee, we sat outside the 7-11 enjoying the weather and taking a few sips before heading home (much later than anticipated now!) to unload the groceries and have lunch.

And all I wanted was my free Tax Day Slurpee.  It sure wasn't worth the hassle, but to see my girls sharing the Slurpee and sitting together made it all worth while.

THIS is what it's all about. THIS is why I love what I do everyday!

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