This was the "ad" I saw for the Greater Manassas Volunteer Rescue Squad (GMVRS) Open House this past Saturday.  It looked like it was going to be a lot of fun, but since I had never been before, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Well......let me say that this event was WAY above and beyond what I could have imagined.  We participated in everything listed above except the one about strokes.  We had such a great time that the girls and I are going to write the squad a thank you letter!

I thought this would be a great event to take the girls to so they could get a closer look at what our local community heroes do on a daily basis.  Now that Sweet Girl is older, she has a lot of questions--good questions--to ask when we are out and about.  Love Bug is an observer and mostly just takes everything in.    Check out the fun we had!
This beautiful vehicle greeted us as we came onto the squad house property.  Sweet Girl was very intrigued with the inside of the 1966 International ambulance.  Ambulances have come a long way since then!
There's nothing like a shiny fire truck!
I was told by an onlooker that it took the squad over half an hour to use the Jaws of Life on the car on the right to "rescue" the "victim" inside.  The top was already off when we got there.  It was a great show of team work and we applauded as they took the "victim" away from the accident scene.
Sweet Girl and Love Bug watched intently as Elephar was being cared for.  Sweet Girl was happy that Elephar was going to be feeling better.
Sweet Girl brought "Elephar" as her friend to take to the clinic for a check-up.  The lady pictured on the left checked out Elephar and asked if she had a hurt ear, leg, etc, and Sweet Girl would reply, "no, she doesn't" each time.  Since Elephar had a "clean bill of health," she got a fancy blue ribbon to wear around her neck.

When we were eating lunch, Sweet Girl asked if I heard crying.  I thought she meant someone's baby, but I didn't hear anything.  She said Elephar was crying from the back of the stroller and that we had to take her back to the clinic for a check up.  So, without Sweet Girl knowing, I told the new lady at the table that she had to find something wrong with Elephar.  Turns out poor Elephar had a scratch on her front leg.  ;) The lady at the table cut a piece of fabric to use as "pad" for the boo-boo and stitched a little bandage on Elephar's leg.  She finished it off with a bright red bow.  
This demonstration was set up in a room in the station.  I heard "Staying Alive" playing and saw several "Harvey" and "Little Harvey" dummies on the floor and I just had to pop in.  The chest compressions are done to the beat of "Staying Alive" and it was fun to watch one young boy getting down to the music while saving Harvey's life.  It was good for the girls to see and we talked about why CPR would have to be done on someone.   Sweet Girl was not interested in getting near the  dummies though.
Before we got ready to go, I thought I would ask Sweet Girl one more time if she wanted to get in the ambulance.  She had declined my previous offers.  Well, she said yes and was actually eager to get on board!  Love Bug, who was past her nap time, kept communicating that she was not interested, but once she saw Sweet Girl in there, she wanted out of the stroller!

The girls looked so cute sitting next to each other on the bench.  I was standing on the bumper step watching the girls when Love Bug taps on the bench next to her for me to join them.  Too cute!
We were excited that we got the moonbounce all to ourselves for a little bit since the majority of the people in attendance were busy eating lunch and doing the indoor activities.  Another pair of girls joined us, but it stayed calm.  I can't say the same about later in the day!
There was a demonstration to show how the squad dresses when fighting fires.  Did you know that when a firefighter is all suited up (including the air take which weighs almost 40 pounds) that the firefighter is carrying an extra 100 pounds of equipment on them?  I like how the presenter pointed out that the firefighter was the same person inside the suit that we saw when the demonstration started.  Then, they came around and gave high fives to everyone.  I can see why children may be frightened if they saw a firefighter coming towards them.  You can't see their faces and they sound like Darth Vader with their oxygen masks on.  Sweet Girl was really excited to see a girl firefighter and wanted her picture with her.  :)

There was also a canine demonstration outside.  We didn't get to see the demonstration, but we got to hear the officer talk about working with the dog and answer questions.  Did you know that the officers only use male German Shepherds and that the dogs are taught commands in English and German?
There were tables and chairs set up inside the station where visitors could eat.  All of the lunch food was free.  There was a table with ice and drink and a food table. We had grilled hot dogs cooked by the squad with all the fixings plus several different kinds of chili as well as pasta.  

There was also a table selling treats such as cookies, mini pies and homemade jams and apple butter.  The proceeds from the sales went to the squad.  We ended up buying some cookies and a yummy jar of apple butter.

Free treats included freshly popped popcorn and fruity-flavored sno-cones.

This is one of the best events I have attended in some time.  Not only was it fun, but we learned a lot, too.  I am so thankful for all of the volunteer and career firefighters and EMTs that risk their lives every day to save those in their community!

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Jonathan Way
6/11/2013 20:57:46

Excellent event. Your City Council is very proud of the professional and socially involved presentation of the squad.

The Master's Daughter
7/6/2013 03:14:33

I agree, Jonathan! This ranks as one of the best events I have ever done with my girls!


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