This past Wednesday was the end of the spring session for the library.  Where has the time gone?!  They ended the session with a puppet show called "Mother Goose Caboose" performed by Bob Brown.  I was so thankful that someone gave me tickets the week before at story time because she wasn't going to be able to attend.  After story time, I had found out that there weren't any tickets left.  So, so thankful!!

There were a lot of families in attendance!  Sweet Girl and Love Bug were engaged the entire time.  The show was at least 45 minutes long, but it was action-packed and there were a variety of puppets.  Mr. Brown told the story of Mother Goose and the different characters that were to perform in a circus.  It was hard to take pictures with my camera because the puppets moved around so much, but I did get a few shots of some of our favorite parts.

Sweet Girl really liked "Kelly" the duck.  I believe she was the niece of Mother Goose.  Love Bug liked the cow who jumped over the fence.  I liked the lion who danced with Mr. Brown when he wore his "dancing shoes."  The shoes had velcro on them and the lion "stood" on Mr. Brown's feet.  This enabled the lion puppet to be very animated.  We all liked the tight-rope walking bear.  Mr. Brown not only had a variety of puppets, but several fun props, too.   He single-handedly performed, ran the music and set the stage for the different acts.  

Love Bug, who usually ends up on my lap during story time, was so intrigued, that she didn't move from her spot on the floor.  She even made her little stuffed Bob the Tomato toy dance.  Sweet Girl had brought Spotted Elephant because she had "never seen a puppet show before" and she was dancing, too.  I loved watching the expressions on the girls faces as they watched the show.  Mr. Brown even got me laughing a couple of times!

We all had a fun time and was thankful that we got to see the show.  Going to these types of shows seems like all fun, but the girls are learning how to behave during a show, how to be respectful of those around them and how to thank the performer(s) at the end of the show (if possible).

Mother Goose and the caboose on stage with Mr. Brown.
Hey diddle, diddle....the cow jumped over the fence!
The tight-rope walking bear!
After the show, we had been invited to the little boy's party that had been rescheduled from the week before.  The party was set up outside of the library under the trees.  There were dinosaur balloons, favors, hats, plates, everything!  The little boy LOVES dinosaurs!  One table was set up with snacks and juice.  The other table was set up with a big cupcake for the birthday boy and dinosaur cookies (from Cakes by Happy Eatery) for the guests!  We all sang happy birthday and the children ran around in the grass.

It was a nice change of pace and fun to get to hang out with our "story time friends" outside of that environment.

Another fun day with my girls!
Dinosaurs all the way!
One cute dinosaur followed me home. ;)

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