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After our family helped set a world record in the Red Light/Green Light game (a few Saturdays ago), we headed over to Marshall Elementary School for the Carnival of Hope to support Joshua Jurack and his family and their organization, Joshua's Hope.

We were a few of the first people to arrive, but it didn't take long before things were in full swing!  Sweet Girl was excited about the dunk tank.  Love Bug was a bit shy as we went around to see what kinds of games they had.  Both girls were excited to see the big playground there and wanted to play there first.
The Welcome/Ticket Table.
Before playing any of the games, we had a family picture taken with Joshua under one of the tents.  They printed out the picture and put it on a card with the event name and date.  It was nice to get to talk with Joshua some.  I also got to meet his parents.

Sweet Girl was so cute because any time she saw Joshua wheeling around, she would say, "There's Joshua!"

There were a variety of carnival games to play.  They had your traditional games like tic-tac-toe with whiffle balls and a balloon popping game and some more original games like Tip-a-Troll and Wrecking Ball.  I did pretty good at the dunking booth and dunked Joshua's dad two out of three throws!  Papa Bear said think of the ball as a dirty diaper you're trying to toss in the trash can.  It worked!

One of the game tents.
More game tents.
This game was not as easy as it looked!
The food concession stand had a cotton candy machine and you can't go to a carnival without having cotton candy!  They also had hot dogs, chips, soda, candy and cake pops!
What a special treat!
We had cake pops after lunch. They were very good!
There were two Zumba sessions for people to participate in.  Sweet Girl liked watching everyone from atop Papa Bear's shoulders, but Love Bug decided to join in!  She was the youngest Zumba dancer there!  In the picture below, they are moving to "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.
Love Bug showing off her moves!
There was also a glitter tatoo tent and face painting tent.  Sweet Girl picked out a fun cupcake glitter tatoo and got her face painted as.....can you guess?  A blue elephant!  Pastor Mark from McLean Bible Church Prince William Campus (MBC PW) was on hand to help with the face painting.  There were quite a few church staff and members there helping out.  It was nice to see how everyone rallied together for this event.
Pastor Mark transforming Sweet Girl into a blue elephant.
We hadn't planned on staying for the entire event, but we did.  The weather was nice, the girls were having fun and it was nice to just relax with the family.   

They brought out a cake for Joshua so everyone could sing Happy Birthday to him.  It was a very nice cake.

It was windy, so it was hard to keep the candles lit, but Joshua did get a few candles to blow out.  The girls were excited to sing to Joshua.  Then, they cut the cake and shared it with everyone there.  We passed because we had just eaten our cake pops, but it was fun just being there.

The girls played on the playground a little while longer and then we headed home.

It was a great day supporting Joshua's cause, seeing friends and hanging out with our family.
The cake!
Joshua with his cake.

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