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I knew the theme for story time at the library this week was "Beary Fun," so I put off talking about polar bears until this week.  The craft was originally planned to be a polar bear, but was switched to a panda bear (black ears instead of white!) instead.  However, we were still very excited about that craft because we donated 22 of the 48 needed fruit cups to use as the bear's "snout."  I had no idea we had that many of them around the house!  We also read a really cute book about a panda bear and polar bear.

Polar Bear Face

Supplies Needed:  Paper plate, white construction paper for ears, black construction paper for eyes and nose (or use a black pom-pom), empty, washed fruit cup, white paint, white tissue paper, scissors, glue stick, glue, water

This project takes a little prep work to get the pieces ready, but the results are so cute!  This is why it's so nice when the library does these kinds of crafts because everything is ready to go for us after story!

*This could also be made into a mask by cutting out holes for the eyes and attaching it to a paint mixing stick.

What to do:
  1. Use the fruit cup to trace two circles on the white construction paper for the polar bear's ears.
  2. Cut three black circles the same size for the eyes and nose.
  3. Cut or tear white tissue paper into small pieces.
  4. You can spray paint the fruit cup with white paint ahead of time (this is what the library did) or have your child paint the fruit cup white.
  5. Let the fruit cup dry completely.
  6. Glue on ears, eyes and black circle (or pom-pom) on top of fruit cup.
  7. Glue fruit cup onto paper plate.  Regular glue will work, but hot glue would be better.  
  8. Use a glue/water mixture to "paint" the paper plate.
  9. Crumble up pieces of tissue paper and cover the glue until the entire paper plate is covered.
  10. Set flat to dry.

Sweet Girl gluing the face on and then starting with the tissue paper "fur" for her panda bear.

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