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With everyone being sick, I haven't done anything to gear up for St. Patrick's Day this year except decorate a little.  I have a few crafts planned this weekend and also plan on making Rainbow Cupcakes or maybe even a Rainbow Cake.  These cupcakes are not much harder than "regular" ones, but really make for a fun treat because of all of the colors.

We did these cupcakes at cooking class in the fall.  I thought these would be more fun for St. Patrick's Day than just making green cupcakes.  To make them more festive, I was thinking about dying the icing green and topping with a chocolate coin.  You could even use M&Ms or Skittles to make a rainbow, especially if you were making a sheet cake.

Rainbow Cupcakes

Ingredients:  Your favorite cake recipe or box mix and frosting-- both prepared and food coloring

Supplies:  Muffin tins, muffin tin wrappers, Ziploc bags, 4-5 containers (large measuring cups or bowls), spoons or spatulas

What to do:
  1. Prepare your cake recipe or box mix according to the directions.
  2. Separate the cake mix into four-five different containers.
  3. Add a different color food coloring to each container of cake mix.
  4. Put muffin tin wrappers in the muffin tins.
  5. Layer the different colors of batter into your muffin tins, filling 2/3 of the way full.
  6. You can swirl the batter with a toothpick or skewer if you want more of a swirl look instead of a layered one.  *Do not over mix or you will end up with a brownish color batter.
  7. Bake according to your recipe or box mix directions.
  8. Let cupcakes cool completely before putting on the frosting.
  9. Dye frosting, if desired.
  10. Frost cupcakes and top with a chocolate coin.  *Make your own piping bag out of a Ziploc bag by filling it with frosting and snipping the tip off the bag.
Dying the cake mix.  Sweet Girl was in charge of making the green cake batter.
Everyone made a color for part of the rainbow!
Every child got to layer his/her own rainbow cupcakes with whatever colors they wanted.
The finished product.  We piped on the icing and added sprinkles.  YUM!

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3/19/2013 12:02:27

Being the Master's Daughter's brother (the Master's Son?) has it's perks...LOL! The Rainbow design looked very cool, especially once cut, and tasted great to boot! Keep the fun (and tasty) treats coming!

The Master's Daughter
3/19/2013 22:16:43

Thanks for the encouragement, bro! My family members are typically the taste testers for my creations. And I'll let you all know if a recipe does or does not pass my family's taste tests!


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