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We really enjoyed reading this book last year as part of our Seuss celebration.  It teaches counting, colors, emotions, opposites.  Plus, it's just fun to read!

We also have this version (see below) which is fun for the younger crowd.  The counting manipulative is fun and teaches counting and colors.
Dr. Seuss Nursery Collection
Take it further:
  • Graph rainbow fish to see how many of each color you have.  This idea was inspired by Oopsey Daisy's site.  She has a great print out on her site as part of her "S is for Seuss" packet, but per her copywright I can not put a link here. 
  • Use this sheet to work on adding and subtracting or for a "find the fish" game.
  • Try matching fish.  This site has a cute idea for making your own matching board.
  • Here's a fun maze to help the fish get through.  Check out Early Moments for other fun printable activities related to this book.
Messy, but fun!
Fish Bowl (Corn Syrup Paint)

This corn syrup fish bowl from Teach Preschool is a fun way to create a fish bowl.  If you are worried about the beans being a choking hazard, just use little scraps of construction paper instead.

A Seuss keepsake!
Handprint Fish Poster

This cute idea is from the Lazy Stay-at-Home Mommy.  Hint:  Trace your child's hand on cardboard and then you have a template he/she can use to trace on the different color papers OR if you are cutting it out, it may be easier to just trace your child's hand one time and cut through all four sheets of paper at once.  (This will depend on the thickness of your paper.)

Fish Mobile

Supplies needed:  Pictures of 4-5 fish from the book (we traced ours), construction paper, scissors, glue stick, yarn, paper plate, hole punch and a pencil

What to do:
  1. Color in the pictures of your fish.
  2. Cut around each picture.
  3. Cut a rectangle for each fish from your construction paper.  You want your mobile to be balanced, so make these all the same size.
  4. Glue the fish pictures onto the construction paper.
  5. Use a hole punch to punch holes at the top of each fish card.
  6. Cut yarn in different lengths (some short, some long) and string through each card.  Tie the yarn onto the card.
  7. Use a pencil to poke holes for each fish card plus one in the middle (to hang it) in the paper plate.  Space them so your mobile will be balanced.
  8. String the yarn through the holes in the paper plate and knot at the top.
  9. String a piece through the middle hole and tie it in a loop for hanging.
  10. Put on display!
New fish, glad fish, blue fish, fish with a star ready to be hung.
Close up of new fish
Displayed proudly in our front window for all to see!
Fish Recipes
Fun idea from Coffee Cups and Crayons! Plus you don't have to buy that expensive fish-shaped bread!
Use goldfish crackers in soup, to top off deviled eggs, on a salad or in a "fish bowl." (photo: wikepedia.org)
A fish bowl for snack is a must! (source: Simple Girl at Home)
How about some real fish? This tilapia parmesan recipe is from Mama's Supper Club.

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