You can't celebrate Dr. Seuss without the classic, The Cat in the Hat.  We did two fun crafts last year to go along with this book. (See below.)  Sweet Girl wants to do this book again, so I have to find another fun craft to do.  I am also going to try to find a recipe to go with each book we read.  Ambitious, I know, but I think it would make the week that more fun!  Check out some of the fun recipes I posted below.  We're definitely doing the hat kabobs!

Take it further:  Watch a "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That" video (they have one called "Told From the Cold" that would be great for winter).  Make your own Cat in the Hat hat to wear.  Talk about rhyming words.

Cat in the Hat Masks

Sweet Girl loved this craft!  She actually  just pulled it out again recently.  It takes a little prep by an adult, but your child will look so cute as the Cat!

You can find out how to make your own, complete with hat printable, at Crafts-n-Things for Children.

Thing 1 & Thing 2 Handprint Craft

I found this idea on the Little Warriors blog. These little guys hung up in our living room forever!  They take a bit of work, but the end result is so worth it!

Supplies needed:  White, blue and red paint, paintbrush, yellow construction paper (so the white paint stands out better), scissors and a black Sharpie marker

What to do:
1.  Paint your child's palm white and his/her fingers and thumb blue.  
2.  Stamp the hand on a piece of construction paper. 
3.  Repeat.
4.  Paint your other child's entire hand red except for his/her middle finger.
5.  Stamp hand directly under the white hand print already stamped on the paper. 
**Hint:  Tell your child to put their pointer, middle and ring fingers together.  His/her thumb and pinky should be spread away from the other fingers.  You will probably need to help hold the fingers in place while stamping.
6.  Set aside to dry.
7.  Paint a white circle on the chest of each Thing and allow to dry.
8.  Give your Things a face and label their circles accordingly.
9.  Cut around their bodies and display!
Cat in the Hat recipes
Cat in the Hat pancakes and green eggs and ham for breakfast anyone?
Looking for a lunch or snack idea?  Try letting your child create the Cat in the Hat using healthy snack foods!
And for some fruit with your breakfast, why not try these Cat in the Hat kabobs?
For those of you are REALLY ambitious, how about baking bread that looks like the Cat's hat when you slice it?
What are YOU going to try?

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