I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. 
An elephant's faithful one hundred percent.

A person's a person, no matter how small.

Who couldn't love Horton the elephant?  He has become part of our family--literally.  Sweet Girl has a stuffed Horton that says these two quotes and he travels to many of the places we go.  Last year was the first time we read this book and at just three years old, she sat and listened to me read the entire thing!

Take it further:  
  • Talk about and read books about real elephants.  
  • Try out this maze and help Horton reach the Who.  I encourage little ones to use their finger so they can do it over and over again.
  • Everyone can be Horton with these ears!  
  • For a more involved set of ears and a fun trunk idea, check out this link.
  • Surprise your child with a "good deed" award from Horton.  We are always talking about doing nice things for others.  This is a fun way to recognize that.

Horton's Clover  Flower

Supplies needed:  green pipe cleaner, medium pink pom-poms (we only had red), cotton ball, glue

What to do:
  1. Glue three pom-poms together/to the pipe cleaner.
  2. Take a tiny piece of cotton and glue it on the clover for the speck where the Whos live.
  3. Give it to Horton to carry.

Horton Handprint Picture

Supplies needed:  Gray paint (or white and black to mix), paintbrush, white cardstock or construction paper, markers or crayons

What to do:
1.  Paint your child's hand grey.  Make sure to completely cover it.
2.  Stamp your child's hand onto the paper.  Be careful to stamp every finger.  Your child's thumb will be Horton's head and his/her fingers will be his feet.
3.  Allow paint to dry.
4.  Let your child draw Horton's features and a background/scene around him.  Sweet Girl drew Horton when he was tied up in the ropes.  This part of the story upseted her, but as we all know, it ended well. :)
Since Sweet Girl loves elephants so much, she wanted to make a picture of some "regular" elephants, too.
Horton Recipe:  Elephant Ears and Clovers

What else would you make, but elephant ears and clovers!?  We are going to try out the elephant ear recipe that use biscuit dough.  I like this one because the girls can be more involved.  I'm also going to try out the clovers.  Cottage cheese has been hit or miss (mostly miss) with the girls, but maybe they'll eat it because it's a "clover!"
This recipe from Pillsbury uses an entire refrigerated pie crust and bakes in the oven.
The Curvy Girl Guide has this recipe for "lazy" elephant ears using biscuit 
dough and they are fried.
Cottage cheese, a little food coloring and celery sticks are all you need for this one!
How are YOU going to celebrate Horton this week?

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