Wet foot, dry foot

Low foot, high foot

Front feet, back feet 

Red feet, black feet 

Left foot, right foot

Feet, feet, feet

How many, many feet you meet.

Here are several ideas to take this book further:  
  • Sweet Girl has already showed interest in using a ruler to measure things.  Take out a ruler (it is a foot long!) and measure things around the house.  Get an armful of stuffed animals to measure and put them in order from shortest to tallest.  
  • Talk about opposites.  Get started with this worksheet.  
  • Print and cut out these foot patterns to make a path for your child to follow to something fun like a story time book, a special snack, a video or pretend you are hunting something.  
  • Use plastic animals to make footprints in playdough or clay.  Can your child guess which toy made which footprint?  
  • Go on a footprint hunt outside.
Footprint Tracings

Trace everyone's feet (shoes on or off) and label them "Left Foot" and "Right Foot" and color them.  Tip:  You can tell your left from your right with this little "trick." Hold out your thumb and pointer finger.  The fingers on your left hand make an "L," thus reminding you that's your left hand and the left side of your body!  
Look closely, Sweet Girl drew faces on her feet to make "happy feet."
Family Footprint Keepsake

Who doesn't love painting with their hands?  Well, how about using your feet?  Take turns painting each other's feet (or just one foot would do) to create a collage of your family's footprints that is sure to become a treasured keepsake.

Supplies needed:  A different color paint for each person in your family (maybe each person could use his/her favorite color!), white cardstock, paintbrush, lid or paper plate (to put paint on) and something to cover your work area (we used a brown paper bag)

What to do:
  1. Cover your work area.  We worked in the kitchen so clean-up would be easy.  Read:  No paint on the carpet! 
  2. Put some paint on a lid or paper plate.
  3. Take turns painting each other's feet.  Make sure to cover the foot completely.
  4. Your child will need help to firmly stamp his/her foot.  Remember, no wiggling!
  5. Have each person wash his/her feet off in the bathtub.  Your child will have fun seeing the paint run off.
  6. Let your foot "prints" dry.
  7. Arrange in a frame for a fun memory of the day and to remember those little feet!
Sweet Girl painting Mama's toes.
Covered with paint....
Sweet Girl making sure to cover Love Bug's entire foot.
Sweet Girl had a lot of fun painting Mama's foot.
....and print!
Sweet Girl painting Daddy's foot.
Sweet Girl was all smiles the ENTIRE time!
Family footprint portrait.
The Foot Book recipes
While usually reserved for baby showers, why not make some foot shape cookies?  Foot cookie cutters are available to purchase at various stores.  You can always make a pattern out of cardstock and trace some out in your dough with a knife.  For added fun, add a regular size M&M for the big toenail and mini ones for the other toes!
photo from amazon.com
This is a bit corny, but it IS Fruit by the Foot!  I'm not really into these kind of snacks for my family, but I just had to post it!
Make up your favorite sugar cookie dough recipe and cut into shapes (circles, squares, etc).  Let your child use his/her plastic animals (wash them before and after!) to make footprints in the dough.  After the cookies bake, you'll be left with a "fossil" of the animals' footprints.  Can you identify the different footprints now?

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