Given this is what the weather was like all day yesterday, it was evident that we were not going to be able to do our outdoor shadow activities.  It was windy, but warm, so we still went out and played for a bit.  

The girls had fun running around and feeling the wind through their hair.  Then, Sweet Girl had the great idea of getting our kite out.

Our Sponge Bob kite brightened up the gloomy sky.
Love Bug liked to chase the kite tails and Sweet Girl did a great job flying the kite by herself.
Fish shadows

After lunch we did a shadow activity with Goldfish graham crackers.  S'mores or Cookies & Cream Goldfish would work for this activity.

I gave Sweet Girl some Goldfish and told her to match the fishes with their shadows.  Then, we counted how many fish had shadows and how many didn't.  Sweet Girl had one shadow (not pictured) without a fish.  We talked about how you can't have a shadow if you don't have an object to make one.  

Sweet Girl had 4 fish with shadows and 1 fish with no shadow. (The marshmallows were extra treats.)
"Catch" a Shadow - Silhouette Craft

I figured the silhouette craft would be more appropriate for Sweet Girl, so we did it while Love Bug napped.  It took a lot of patience to get Sweet Girl to stay still.  She kept trying to look at what I was doing!  After I "caught" her shadow, Sweet Girl wanted to do mine.  Here are our results.  Not bad for first-timers!
Love Bug was interested in our set-up once she woke from her nap.  So, I traced her hand and a pot.  Then, Love Bug colored them in as the paper hung on the door.  She thought that was a lot of fun.
Sweet Girl's interpretation: Love Bug's hand dropping a pan.
Then, the girls just played in front of the light making shadows on the door.  I got some toys and held them in front of the light so they would make shadows.  Sweet Girl had to try to guess what toy was making the shadow.
We had a lot of fun with this activity and the girls played with the flashlight and made shadows after dinner, too.  Sweet Girl even did Daddy's silhouette after he came home!
Sweet Girl added some details. :)
Have you tried any of the groundhog activities I posted?  I'd love to hear about it!

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