Love Bug's is very colorful. I love how Sweet Girl added another "hollow" heart to her project and used light colors.
I was looking through some Valentine craft ideas and came across this one.  I thought this would be a great way to use up those extra colorful tissue paper squares from our Elmer craft we did on Sweet Girl's birthday.

This craft is super easy and fun.  I also used this as an opportunity to teach Sweet Girl how to cut out a heart by folding a piece of paper in half.  She did really well cutting the curved line.  I was so pleased with the results of the project that we just may make these to go along with our Valentine cards.

Love Bug adding tissue paper. Great for fine motor skills!
Suncatcher Valentine Heart

Supplies:  Colorful tissue paper cut into squares, construction paper, scissors, glue stick, wax paper (or clear contact paper)

*Obviously, if you use contact paper, you don't need glue for the tissue paper squares.  You will need to glue the second heart on to finish the project.

What to do:
  1. Fold a piece of construction paper in half.  
  2. Draw half of a big heart and cut it out.
  3. Draw half of a medium size heart inside the big heart and cut it out.
  4. Do this again so you have two "hollow" hearts and two solid hearts.  (I put the two pieces of construction paper together when I cut them out, but this may be too thick for little hands to cut.  Save the solid hearts for another project.)
  5. Cut a piece of wax paper a little bigger than your hollow" hearts.
  6. Glue one of the hollow hearts to the wax paper.
  7. Cover the inside of the heart with glue stick and cover completely using the tissue paper squares.
  8. Glue another piece of wax paper over the tissue paper covered heart. (I didn't need to do this for Sweet Girl's project, but did for Love Bug's project.)
  9. Glue the other "hollow" heart so the two hearts match up.
  10. Display in a window.

*You may want to punch a hole in the top and thread a pretty ribbon or yarn through it so you can hang it up.

Counting Rhyme
This was originally listed as a fingerplay, but I use laminated doilies instead to make it more fun.  Of course, you could use any heart-shaped object, but I like the size and look of the doilies.  I do not have the original resource, but I know that it is old.

I let Sweet Girl set out and count the valentines.  Then, she helped me pick one up at a time as we did the rhyme.  She loved this and wanted to do it over and over and over!

Five Gay Valentines
Five gay valentines from the ten-cent store,
I sent one to Mother, now there are four.
Four gay valentines, pretty ones to see,
I gave one to Brother, now there are three.
Three gay valentines, yellow, red and blue,
I gave one to Sister, now there are two.
Two gay valentines, my we have fun,
I gave one to Daddy, now there is one.
One gay valentine, the story is almost done,
I give it to Baby, now there are none.
(Variation:  I saved it for you, now there are none.)

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