Since the foam jack-o-lanterns were such a hit with the girls (read about those here), I thought we would try turkeys for November.  My order of foam sheets came in yesterday, so we got busy making everything we needed for foam turkeys!

Sweet Girl reminded me to make "those red things turkeys have" for each turkey.  I was trying to make sure my pieces weren't too small, but the waddlers turned out pretty cute.  Sweet Girl even cut out a turkey that she drew with permanent marker.  Love Bug was busy coloring on a foam sheet during that time.  She really wanted to draw on one and I thought it would be fun for her to experience the texture and how it's different than drawing on paper.

These even encourage the imagination!  The girls started getting creative with their turkeys by using feathers as arms and legs and even bunny ears!  Sweet Girl even started making a pattern with her feathers--all on her own--and asked me what color did I think came next.  Plus, your bathtub is decorated for the holiday.  Not too bad for a project that takes minutes to create is pretty inexpensive!

Turkey faces!
Foam Turkeys

Supplies needed:  Brown foam sheets for the turkeys, black foam sheet for the eyes, yellow/orange foam sheet for the beaks, red foam sheet for the waddler and a variety of colored foam sheets for the feathers

What to do:
  1. Trace turkey shape (basically a figure-8) onto brown foam sheets.  I used this pattern as a rough guide.  Try to fit as many turkeys as you can on your sheet.  My foam sheets were small, so I could fit two turkeys per sheet.
  2. Trace or draw eyes, beaks and waddlers on the appropriate color foam sheet.
  3. Trace or draw feather shapes on a variety of colored foam sheets.  I went with a simple shape.  Again, try to fit as many as you can on  your foam sheet.  I could fit four per sheet.  Note:  I found that five feathers per turkey was a good amount.
  4. Cut out your shapes.
  5. Have fun creating turkeys in the bath!

*Your turkeys will stay put on the wall for at least a day if not bothered.  They will eventually fall off.  Make sure to gather your small pieces so they don't go down the drain!

Notice the color pattern of the turkey on the left?
Love Bug had fun with the foam picture Sweet Girl made for her, too.
Another creation from Sweet Girl. The possibilities are almost endless!
Then, things got crazy! :)
Sage the Squirrel, visiting flat traveler, had to check out the turkeys, too!

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