Look ahead to Saturday's weather and discuss it with your child.  Does he/she think that the groundhog will see his shadow?  Tell your child that he/she is making a prediction, an educated guess, based on the facts he/she knows.
Sweet Girl predicts the groundhog will see his shadow.
Making a Prediction

Have your child draw a groundhog coming out of its burrow on a fun piece of paper like this one from www.kidzsparks.com.  Provide younger children with a groundhog template to color and paste on the paper.  Make sure to encourage your child to draw if it is a sunny or cloudy day.  Have your child draw or cut out a paper sun or use cotton balls for clouds.  Will the groundhog see his shadow?  

Plan on watching TV coverage to see if your child's prediction was right or not.  Talk about the results with your child and reassure him/her that predictions are not always right (or congratulate your child for being right!). Just look at the weather forecasts this winter! 

Once you find out if the groundhog saw his shadow or not, serve up a winter snack or a spring snack.  See below for this fun idea from The Mailbox Magazine.

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