My daughter, two years old at the time, wanted her fox to eating a snowflake. Too cute!
This is a craft that we did at our library's story time a couple of years back.  The theme was what animals do in the winter time.  You could put anything from an animal to a snowman "in" the snow globe.  You could also make them any size.  It's an easy and fun project to do when you can't get outside.

Here's a list of books the library suggested to go along with the theme:
  • When the Snow Comes (Allen)
  • A Perfect Day for It (Feamly)
  • First Snow (B. Ford)
  • In the Snow:  Who's Been Here? (George)
  • When Winter Comes (VanLaan)
 Supplies Needed:  2 circles cut out the same size:  1 from blue construction paper and 1 from clear contact paper, 1 black construction paper half circle, a fox paper cut out (or whatever animal/object you desire), white paper, glue stick, markers 
*You could even use sequins or other flat embellishments.  

What to do:
  1. Prep pieces ahead of time for younger children.  Older children can trace circles onto paper and cut them out.
  2. Glue the black half circle (base) at the bottom of the blue circle with the curved side overlapping the blue circle.
  3. Glue animal/snowman shape onto blue circle being careful not to cover the base.
  4. Tear white paper into little "snowflakes" and glue them on/around the animal/snowman shape.  *This is great for those fine motor skills, but older children could use a hole punch.  Either way, those little fingers will have to work to pick up and glue those little bits of paper.  I personally like that each piece is not the same when the paper is torn--like snowflakes!
  5. Let children draw eyes, nose, etc to animal/snowman.
  6. Peel cover off contact paper, line up over blue circle and stick.

Love Bug did the dog. Sweet Girl did the elephant covered in snow and holding his own blue snow globe.
These are my girls' creations this year.  They wanted to use their favorite animals instead of winter animals so we used some pictures we found online.  Sweet Girl cut them down to size.  We didn't have any clear contact paper, so we used glitter glue and painted it all over the "globe" to make it sparkle.  

There you have it!  A fun, safe "snow globe" for your little one to enjoy!

*Remember, when I post a craft, you don't have to do it exactly like I describe to make it successfully.  I have learned over the years, that it is more about the time spent with each other and the experience than having a project look exactly like the one online or in a book.  :)

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