I am gearing up to celebrate the first day of winter!  Whether or not there will be snow, we'll be creating our own winter wonderland indoors with the following activities.

Decorating Snow People:  I found these cool (pun intended!) foam shapes at the Dollar Store.  I am going to let my girls go loose with markers, pom-poms, construction paper, stickers, etc to make their snow people.

Snowy Scene:  We did this one at our library after story time last winter.  The children really enjoyed doing it, especially when they got their turn with the spray bottle.  This craft is super easy and the results are really nice.

All you need to do this at home is some blue construction paper, paper shapes such as houses, trees, animals, etc., glue stick, white poster paint, a clean spray bottle and some water.  The library has one of those cool die cut machines, so that's why the shapes on my daughter's craft are so perfect.  Let your older children draw and cut out shapes themselves or have squares and triangles out for little ones to "make" their own houses.

An adult will have to prep the spray bottle with the white paint and water ahead of time. You are going to want it to be thin, but not too watery.  

After the paper shapes are glued onto the blue construction paper, it's time for it to snow! Let your child spray a couple of sprays of the paint mixture onto his/her picture.  Warning--this is a lot of fun and your child will probably want to keep spraying, but this will just soak the paper.  Let him/her do a couple of pictures instead.  :)

Tip:  The library took each child's picture and taped it on the inside bottom of an open box that was turned on its side with the flaps open to help contain any of the sprayed paint.  It wasn't really that messy, but you could always just do it outside or hang the picture on the wall in the shower and let your child spray away.

Lie pictures flat to dry.  If the mixture is thin enough, it will dry quickly.

Let it snow:  I found this fun, educational kit at the Dollar Store.  I don't know how well it is going to work, but I can't wait to try it out with the girls!
So, that's what we'll be up to on the first day of winter.  I'll be sure to update my post with some pictures of our finished products.  How are you going to celebrate?

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