The empty tomb of Jesus.
I have found quite a few great looking recipes that I hope to try out with the girls this year!  Some of them are based on the true celebration of Easter--Jesus' resurrection.  Others are based on the fun of spring and Easter.  Since time is getting short, I thought it would be best to just share pictures and links so you can get what you need together if you decide to make one of these recipes.  

Let me know if you try any of these out and what you thought! Enjoy!

Cinnamon Roll Bunny Faces

Super simple, super cute!  What child (or grown-up) wouldn't like to see a smiling bunny looking up at him/her on Easter morning?  This idea was shared with me from my friend Stacy via The Pampered Chef's Facebook page.
Dyed Deviled Eggs 

The Organized Wife shared this great idea.  It takes a little work, but look at the results!  I so want to try out this recipe!  This could be used for a variety of holidays, too!
Eggs-tra Special Quiche

This fancy-looking, but easy breakfast recipe was shared on the Clubhouse Magazine site.  I know my girls will love this! It's like having pie for breakfast!
Empty Tomb Buns

I just came across this one this year and am definitely going to try them!  I like how Thoughts About God explains what the different ingredients represent.  I have a feeling that these are going to go over well with my family!
Sunrise Breakfast Cake

Another yummy looking recipe from Clubhouse Magazine.  I've never made a coffee cake from scratch and can't wait to try this one!
Bunny Cake

Find the how-to on my Recipe:  Bunny Cake post and why this recipe is particularly special to me and my family.
Easter Egg/Bird's Nest

Recipes for this fun, tasty treats using Shredded Wheat can be find all over the internet.  Here is one posted on Cooks.com that uses chocolate and peanut butter, but you could omit the peanut butter and still have a yummy treat.  Here's another version that uses marshmallows instead from Cooks.com.  

Yet another version from Clubhouse Magazine is "Birdie in a Nest" that could be used for breakfast/brunch.  Leave out the bird and yogurt and it could be filled with chocolate eggs or jelly beans instead.  Check out their recipe here.

Either way you go, children will love making and eating this messy treat!
Easter Story Cookies aka Resurrection Cookies

I shared this recipe on my Recipe:  Easter Story Cookies post.  I love that this one has Bible verses to go along with each step of making them!  Oh, they're yummy, too.
Easter Story Snack Mix 

This one comes from Clubhouse Magazine from Focus on the Family.  This would be a great way for your family to share the true message of Easter with your neighbors, friends and co-workers.
So, these are the recipes that looked particularly inviting to me this year.  Will I get to all of them for Easter?  No way.  BUT, I do plan on trying all of them in the upcoming weeks and you know that I will let you know how they turned out!

What special recipes do you and your family prepare for Easter?

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