Every other week during story time, our library has a craft for the first twenty-four children who get a "craft stick."  I am always stressed out to get there on time on craft days to make sure we get a stick!  On alternating weeks, they show a movie based on a book.  We did this mosaic candle holder at the last weekly story time for December.

Before I tell you how to make this beautiful craft, I want to share the books we read beforehand.  The theme was "Winter Favorites" and the librarian had a variety of engaging books to share with the group.  I would say the favorite was "Cookie Count" as the children (and adults, too) really liked the pop-up surprises.  There were actually "ooohhhs" when we got to the last page. (You'll have to read it to find out what I am talking about!)  I hope you take time to check out one of these great books.

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Mosaic Tea Light Holder

This project is a bit messy, but so worth it.  You will be surprised how long your child will sit and work on this project.  I had to tell my preschooler she had done enough or we would not have been able to see the candle shining through the glass.  I could see adults having fun with this project, too.

The mosaic effect turned out very nice.  You could even use patterned tissue paper for a different look.  Make two for a nice addition to the table or one to serve as a night light in the bathroom.  These would also make beautiful gifts for teachers, neighbors and even your family.

Supplies Needed:  Baby food jar (we used the short size) with the label removed, colorful tissue paper cut into squares, glue, water, paintbrush, something to cover your work area and LED tea light.

What to do:
  1. An adult will need to prep the water/glue mixture for younger children.  Your child can help you with squeezing the glue bottle and mixing.
  2. Paint the outside of the jar with the glue mixture.
  3. Then, place the tissue paper squares all over the jar until it is covered.  The idea is not to leave any part of the jar showing.  You can even fold in some tissue over the top edge of the jar, but make sure to put some glue mixture around the inside rim.
  4. Carefully apply a thin layer of glue over the first layer of tissue paper and apply more squares and glue mixture until desired opacity is reached.
  5. Let project dry completely.
  6. Insert LED tea light and enjoy the glow.
I would love to see pictures if any of you try this out.  Just post them on my Facebook page for everyone to see!

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