We have been to Alice and Louise's Cooking School for their Mommy/Daddy & Me cooking classes several times and we have SuperNOVAmommy to thank.  Her readers were invited to a special class back in June and my girls and I can't stay away!  Check out the article SuperNOVAmommy wrote about our visit here.

The classes may seem a bit pricey, but they are wonderful and would make a special gift or outing with your little one.  Miss Nicole does a great job with the children and gets many of them to eat foods they have never had before.  I also like how they email you the recipes from class so you can do them again at home--which we have.  

I have been buying up Alice and Louise's Specialicious offers whenever I can.  They offer classes at 50% off the normal $30/class fee four times a year.

Love Bug tags along and use to sit in her stroller while Sweet Girl and I did the class.  This last time however, we sat at a higher table and she couldn't see what was going on.  Love Bug let it be known that she wanted to be where the action was.  She loves to cook with me at home, so I sat her at the table and kept her busy with her own big wooden spoon (I brought from home) and a snack.  She even got to touch the flour on the table and feel some sugar cookie dough (which she ended up eating!).  Miss Nicole didn't seem to mind that Love Bug was at the table and even served her a taste of what we had made!  This is a huge deal to me because I always have both of my girls with me.

I was glad her sister had picked an apron out for her this time!
This week, we made Greek pizza bites which included feta cheese, kalamata olives, red peppers and tomato paste. Definitely a lot of strong flavors, but both of my girls loved them--minus the olives.  Sweet Girl wants to make them at home with black olives instead.

Everyone got a turn to put one or more ingredients in and to help stir.  Miss Nicole always makes cooking a sensory experience by allowing children to smell spices and hold the food.  She also talks about nutrition with the class.  Sweet Girl got to hold the chopped red peppers and crumble the feta cheese.  

We also made Miss Nicole's grandmother's special sugar cookie recipe.  It's so special that she told us that she would not be sharing the recipe.  :)  The dough was pre-made this time and the children got to work the dough with their hands before rolling it out and using cookie cutters. Each child also colored a cup of sugar to use as sprinkles to share with the group.  All we did was add food coloring and stir until the desired color was made.

We love Alice and Louise's Cooking School and the staff there.  We plan to go about once a month.  If you get a chance to check them out, you should!
Alice & Louise Catering and Cooking School
4449-A Brookfield Corporate Drive
Chantilly, VA 20151
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