This is one of those activities I've had in my winter file forever.  I'm pretty sure the original idea came from The Mailbox Magazine preschool edition.  It's quick to set up and is a fun way to get those little fingers moving.

We started off with this little song.
Falling Snow
submitted by:  Suzanne Moore, The Mailbox Magazine
sung to:  "When the Saints Go Marching In"

Oh, when the snow                                   Move fingers to resemble falling snow.
Begins to fall,                                            Continue moving fingers.
I'll build a snowman round and tall.           Move hands upward from the floor.
Oh, how I love the cold, cold weather       Hug self.
When the snow begins to fall.                   Move fingers to resemble falling snow.

And then I'll lie                                           Sit on the floor.
Down in the snow                                      Lie on the floor.
And move my arms and legs just so.        Move arms and legs to make snow angel.

Oh, how I love to make snow angels        Continue moving arms and legs.
When the snow begins to fall.                  Continue moving arms and legs.

Then, we put some Celtic music on to "skate" to.  This was the kind of music playing at the end of our Friday Flicks video today. :)  It was upbeat and relaxing at the same time.

Get some of your favorite music on and get ready to go finger skating!

Finger Skating

Supplies Needed:  White paint, scotch tape, aluminum foil, glitter glue or glitter

Sweet Girl eager to get "skating"
What to do:
  1. Lightly tape a piece of aluminum foil to the table.
  2. Place a small amount of white paint onto the foil.  (I also added some glitter glue for the girls to mix into the paint since I didn't have glitter.)
  3. As your child listens to some upbeat music have your child swirl his/her fingers through the paint as if they were ice skating.  Can your child do a figure eight?  Maybe write his/her name?
  4. When the paint has been spread around the foil and your child is finished, sprinkle glitter over the paint.
  5. Allow the paint to dry.
  6. Mount the picture on a piece of construction paper.

Look at those little fingers glide across the aluminum foil.  Love Bug and Sweet Girl really got into it.  It's definitely a different experience than just painting on paper.  
Love Bug's finger skating is on the right and Sweet Girl's is on the left.  The glitter glue resulted in a hint of shimmer through out the paint.  They didn't want me to cut down their work to size to fit a piece of construction paper, so we are just displaying them like this!

Be ready to do a couple of these because your child want to "skate" more than just once!

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